Just got invited onto another cool podcast!

I’m quite fortunate to get invited onto some very interesting podcasts!

TodayΒ Kris from English Everyday just had me as a guest on his podcast talking about Genki English, business & the future of English teaching!

Here’s some of what we covered:

01:07 Richard’s story
03:43 Life in travel
05:07 How Genki English started
08:02 The beginning of digitization
11:10 What is Genki English
15:09 Animation in Genki English
18:36 Genki English products
22:07 The root of all businesses
25:59 The role of new technologies
29:54 The future of English language teaching
39:54 Teachers and AI
47:01 How many projects is Richard Graham currently working on?
56:56 What is the most difficult thing to be a serial entrepreneur

Do let us know over in the comments if you like it!

Previously: Matt from Dream English

Matt from Dream English (Matt has 3 Billion, yep that’s Billion with a B, views on Youtube) also invited me to be a guest on his podcast about teaching kids:

You can check it out on Apple Podcasts; Β And on Spotify



World Famous Artist Roger Dean’s Podcast About the Dean School of Art

Following on from the likes ofΒ Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry, Β Roger Dean invited me on his podcast to talk about creativity, art, education & how I helped Roger and his daughter set up the online Dean School of Art.

Listen on Apple Podcasts or SpotifyΒ 


Award Winning Composer Richard Pryn’s Podcast

With Richard Schreiber on the Trailer Music Composers Podcast talking about getting started with Genki English, Β music, motivation and selling millions of dollars of CDs.

Listen to it on Apple PodcastsΒ  or SpotifyΒ 


And Julian from Doing English interviewed me on Extreme Language Learning!


It’s always fun doing podcasts, or Instagram Lives, so if you know anyone who is looking for guests, do feel free to pass my name along!



Richard Graham

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