Quick favour and a secret for you!

As you know I’m just polishing up the latest and greatest vol. 11 for you!

No, it’s not out just yet ….

I’ve just got a few last things to sort out and it would really, really help me out if you could answer these couple of questions for me.

1. ย What format(s) would you like it in: ย  Songs & Software Download or iTunes(audio only) or CD?

2. What else could I add into the package to make it even better for you?

Write your answers up in the comments and you might win a free a copy!

Be genki,


P.S. ย Regular readers will know to keep a sharp eye on the blog over the next few weeks as there might well be an incredible special offer coming up! ; )

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

64 Responses to “Quick favour and a secret for you!”

  1. Astrid Kahn

    I think “Song & software” would be best!

  2. Margit

    Me too.songs and software! And please: minicards, black and white cards, dominoes, etc…

  3. Craig Macdonald

    Sorry but I’m still old school, so I’d like it as a CD. And it would be unbelievably better if you could include choreography for the songs. I know that’s really difficult so maybe throw in Mido’s game book instead. lol! Was worth a try.

  4. Julie Smith

    I agree with songs and software^^

  5. Bob

    The flash download is by far the best way to go. I love being able to just plug in my lap-top and go.
    Most of my kids are still too young to have iPods so the iTunes option might not work out so well.
    I do agree with Craig though, a little help with the choreography would go a long way…

  6. Justice

    I second Craig , I vote for CD.
    Secondly I think it would be great if you include thematic talking points , this way kid can link up all the words and sentence patterns they’ve learnt. For example “Self Introduction” , my kids (5yr olds) usually do a self introduction after the first ten hours of using GE. I link simply themes together to get them talking. Whats your name ?, How old are you ? Where are you from? Whats your favorite food, color , vegetables……. it just works like magic and the parents are always amazed . Five year olds five minutes self introduction , ten hours of GE……just awesome.

  7. Justice

    simple themes , not simply … sorry for the typo

  8. Kevin

    I like it to be download pack because I can easily insert any bits I want into my class schedule.

    It is easily to find the topic if you can put the similiar staff together.

    Thnak you.

  9. Mireille Merza

    Hi Richard,
    I’m looking forward to volume 11 ( I’m sure many of us are ). In response to your questions the songs and software download format is ideal.
    Regarding including anything else that could be helpful, some fun writing or writing and reading games/worksheets would be lovely ( I understand that your theory / m.o. is that at the elementary level and below the students should be focused on speaking as it is most fun and practical but for those students that can already read and write ( a bit )/ and or for those parents and teachers that also want some emphasis on reading and writing.

  10. Kathleen Olvera

    Dear Mr. Richard:

    I would prefer Songs and Software.

    Thanks for asking our opinion!

  11. Dawn

    Hi Richard

    Songs and software would be lovely, I do however like the CD form as well. Thematic talking points would be really nice and some choreography would be super.


  12. dan


    My kid is rivited to the computer each time I show him a new song. He loves the animation!

  13. Liza

    I like both formats. :-)) I use CDs and the usb stick depending on the classroom situation …

    Ditto Monica, Justice and Mireille. Looking forward to Nr. 11.

  14. Esperanza

    Hi! I would like Songs and CD because we donยดt have computers. I would like choreography too, itยดs very fun!. Thank you.

  15. deena

    I ditto everyone who beat me to it by saying that it should be songs & software since the MAGIC in Genki is the combination of visual & audio. Of course the additional extras of the b/w mini cards etc are super materials for the practice and production stages. I also agree with many who have mentioned trying to think of simple but innovative ways to link the (simple)thematic talking points ‘this way kids can link up all the words and sentence patterns theyโ€™ve learnt.” For young learners learning how to produce real language so quickly and so simply it truly is magic!

  16. Jaynie

    I certainly will be first in line for this new CD!I can’t wait!
    Like Craig and Justice.I vote for the old school CD format.The flash download is a wonderful thing but travelling between 7 schools everyweek…..it can be easily misplaced! Having the CDs and putting them into the schools computer is the safest bet.
    I would love the usual A4 and mini cards.Anything else is a plus.

  17. Gumby

    Richard, I vote for anything that includes the software. The download is super easy to use, but also easier for teachers to test copyright. I can’t wait to see it!

  18. Justice

    On a related topic , is it possible to write a picture story for each theme , this goes a long way to help the kids remember each theme and also an excellent way to introduce new/related vocabulary. I’ve written a couple of picture stories myself and the kids loved’em alot . Currently I’m thinking of taking it to the next level, where all picture stories will be animated and embedded in a tablet that is custom made and affordable (i know there will be copyright issues , so I’m limiting it to the picture stories i wrote).

  19. Katya

    Hi, Richard
    I would love Songs and Software download + MP3 . In Russia I work in places where there may be CD player only, but Genki English works anyway!

  20. paul

    Songs and software are cool, Any chance of adding an adult approach as well as the childrens.

  21. Nena

    I vote for songs and software, and iI agree with Justice about linking the themes for talking. A bit more reading and writing material would be great! Thanks for asking…and for all the hard work you put in to make ours easier!

  22. eny purbo

    i like the song and software, it can use easily for me and for my kids

  23. Carla Chazottes

    Hello Richard,
    I prefer Songs and Software, it’s really great to use the computer with your method and the kids just love it.
    I just started teaching nursery school kids and they really enjoy Genki English, and for me it’s a big fun.
    If you could give some tips which games to use with the cd and the usually mini cards, then it must be perfect for me….
    Tks a lot,

  24. richard

    @Everyone: Wow, thanks for the all the comments, keep them coming!

    I’ll be filling out the lesson plans pages for each theme with videos of the actions/choreography, mini cards, a4 cards and games etc. as we get the new stuff out there and tested. But you can find quite a few items already at http://genkienglish.net/cd11.htm

    I’ll also offer up comments pages where we can all share ideas for each new lesson.

    The songs & software will also have MP3s of the songs so you can put them on a CD if you really need them.

    It looks like downloads are winning so far though!

  25. Michelle

    I’d use either songs and software download or iplayer. As for additional material, I like the idea about more picture books, and about linking themes together. Thanks Richard, great stuff and can’t wait to hear CD 11!!

  26. Kobekid

    put me down for the download, hopefully we’ll be able to add it to the “MENU” for easy access!

    BTW what happened to the song “Let’s decorate the Xmas tree”?

  27. Nathalie

    I also go for the Songs & Software Download.

    Maybe you could include domino cards to play this game with the children.
    Maybe a small book with on each page an image and a small sentence, Black & White so the children can make their own book and colour it?

  28. Marcia Hill

    I say that songs/software download would work best. Thanks for all the creative stuff on here! Love it!

  29. Amir Garcia

    I also think that songs/software is the best option. And also try to add some kind of extra vocabulary and pictures jpg, format, etc. i think more disco style songs are better!

  30. wilson acevedo

    Hi Richard! I think it would be nice to have the songs and software form, the CD would be good but it would take some time to get it here in Colombia.
    God bless you my friend and thank you so much for all your hard work.

  31. Amanda

    Songs and software download gets my vote!

  32. Bese Eva

    I would prefer Songs & Software Download.
    Thanks for your ideas,games,pictures and lesson plans. This year with the Genki materials was much more interesting than the others in the past.

  33. AnA

    I prefer songs/software download, thank yoy for all your help and resources, you are amazing

  34. Paul

    Hi Richard any more teen hip hop coming up????? I hope so as I’m starting a new job in June and this material will be great ๐Ÿ™‚ MORE MORE MORE Please

  35. Lines

    Hi everybody.
    My pupils love a lot volume 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and they like to sing the karaoke version, and playing the games in the interactive board so, my pupils (from 3 to 13 years old)think that genki english is the best method all over the world.
    Today I teach something about summer and they miss the karaoke,they like learning genki songs and sing them alone.
    Thank you very much and go on doing so wonderful materials for our students and for us because we save lots and lots of time.

  36. Monica Garcia

    I would prefer the iTunes option because my school doesnยดt have computers for the students- we only use audio resources. It will also be very practical for the parents to get the songs this way cause is very easy, and they will be able to buy the songs we teach in the level their children are (our levels are designed to teach Genki songs from different Cdยดs). However some parents would like their children to practice at home with the software, minimum percentage, in that case the option will be downloading software- to avoid shipping costs to Mexico. Mine is a private language school.
    The ideas for games are great! I canยดt think of anything else other than the things are already included.

  37. Pat Holmes

    I would like Songs and Software download..however, others at my school want the Cd.

  38. Kristi V

    I would prefer the download version. I would love to have you add clip art, mini flashcards, lesson ideas, directions and examples of gestures and movements, etc.

  39. Jaynie

    Richard,will you be doing any workshops after bringing out Vol.11?
    I see you have one coming up in Nagoya.Do you plan on doing one closer to Kyushu this year?
    PS: Children in my smaller schools love the computer games.Where is Mr.Monkey? (Vol.5.)went down a treat as a review game.I do hope they will be part of Vol.11.They are looking forward to Baby Monkey’s Head ,shoulders,knees and toes!

  40. richard

    @Jaynie: Just about to announce mini 3 hour workshop in Fukuoka (Takamiya) on July 10th, then a full 2 day “you teach” workshop in Tenjin probably July 30th/31st!

  41. Julie Smith

    just watched the vid on overcoming shyness
    and it has inspired my students first video project(we have just started a new film club)~filming other students in their attempts at speaking English.
    We will then upload their videos onto the school website.

  42. Olga

    Hello! Thanks a lot for helping me! I’d like to have
    Songs & Software Download. You are very helpful!

  43. Jacs

    I agree, software download please!
    Could you also include Black and White worksheets

  44. sussie

    Songs & Software absolutely!
    Not many of my kids have iPods so that’s not an option for me.
    And, if possible, I’d appreciate more computer games for each theme – the kids LOVE them and they work miracles for listening skills and pronunciation!
    Thanks for all your hard work Richard!

  45. akir

    hi, i prefer songs and software downloads t’s easy for kids i wish you can give me ideas about lesson plans and classroom games for students between 14 and18 years old.thanks a lot

  46. jaynie

    Richard,Thanks ever so much for coming to Kyushu! I never managed to come to last years gigs but I sent alot of my friends:)I am in better health this year so look forward to seeing you.Thanks again.

  47. Bee

    Better late than never! Software & songs & added to the main menu Flash would be super fantastic.

    As for making it better (and your songs are prob finalised)… You know how the mouse over the songs/topics plays a sample of the song? It’s sometimes useful, sometimes disturbing. I’d like to see a mute for the CD menus.

    Cheers for a great new addition to the collection! You’re a champ!

  48. Craig

    I vote Songs & Software download. Put in my usb and away I go to me next school.

  49. Margit

    Itโ€™s sometimes useful, sometimes disturbing.

    Hi BEE!!

    This is something I figured out last week as well. Good point!

  50. James in the Bronx

    Software is most important!!!

  51. Barbara

    Hi Richard;
    Songs and Software download is great, most agree here. Thanks for all your great work Richard.

  52. Hadeel

    Hi Richard,
    I will vote for Songs & Software Download . But with the play, stop and pause button. And a Small video with each song, teaching us how to present it. Any suggested games with each song would be great also.
    And it would be nice if we have easy words popping on the screen, for the kids that are learning to read.
    Appreciate your effort

  53. Darina Kocurova

    Hi, Richard!
    Is it possible to have some worksheets in Word format so we would be able to adapt it to our needs or add our ideas to it? …and Iยดm also for Songs and Software Download…

  54. richard

    @Darina: Interesting idea about doing Word versions. I hadn’t done them in the past because of security concerns ( I never download Word files from the net!) But with the latest version that’s maybe not such a problem.

    For the time being if you could send me an example of the type of worksheet you like I can set someone on to make that type of worksheet for the other themes – that way everyone gets to share!

    Of if you happen to have Flash (the software I use to make the worksheets) you can find all the graphics on the VIP members forum at http://www.genkienglish.net/clipart/forum/viewforum.php?f=6

  55. Colm

    I’m not a fan of itunes myself so other formats would be appreciated.
    I like A3 size flashcards but for some themes I can only print A4 size. I’m not sure if it’s due to my schools’ printer or a default size on the genkienglish website. A3 flashcards option on the website added into the package would make it even better for me.

  56. richard

    @Colm: The default size of all the pages is A4 but on post printers you can simply set the option to be A3 and they should still print out beautifully!

  57. Dulce

    Hola, en lo personal te puedo decir que el software y las canciones estan de lujo, es una manera muy sencilla de manejar las actividades, es muy pยดractico y muy funcional.
    Personalmente pienso que no hay nada mรกs que agregar pues ha sido de mucha ayuda hasta ahora todo, no le encuentro ningรบn problema.
    Thanks a lot, you help me with my work with my kids they really enjoy my classes.

  58. Valentina

    My vote is for songs and software. I’m enjoying using Genki English with my Primary pupils, they love it, too. It’s really cool.

  59. Bese Eva

    Hi, Richard,

    I will vote for the Songs & Software format. I like using it and want to start the new school year with the materials of Genki.
    So long, รฉva

  60. Cesarinokinawa

    I am old school as well. I would like it on a CD as many times all I have is a portable cd player..

  61. richard

    Good news, CD version is at the factory and should be out on ………… Friday!!! Hopefully I’ll also have some for sale at the Tokyo event on Saturday!!

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