🎢 “What do you do on Christmas Eve?”🎢 βœ…βœ… Sometimes βœ… Rarely ❌ Never

I asked the other day which characters to use for the “What do you do on Christmas Eve?” song and it was close but Β ….. the Gingerbread Cats won!

So I present to you today, their brand new song – complete with “Adverbs of Frequency” βœ…βœ…βœ… Always Β βœ…βœ… Sometimes βœ… Rarely & ❌ Never

Update: Β OK, I found time to do the owl’s mix too! Β Which do you prefer?

Putting videos up on Youtube is a lot of hard work (even with the AI helping with the graphics!) so if you do like it, please like, watch again and share it, it really makes a huge difference!

VIP Members can Β download the minicards here.

Lesson Plan

The usual Genki English lesson plan is …

  1. Warm up / review
  2. Input with the song above (even better, set it as homework *before* class as part of the “flipped classroom”)
  3. Output with the game

You can use just about any of the Genki English games for the output practice, Β you can find them all on the VIP games menu at the top of the page!


Now, what would you like next?


Be genki,




Richard Graham

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