๐Ÿ’Ž Treasure Hunt Printable Games!

Karen just sent in these fantastic worksheet ideas. ย  We can’t call them “Battleships” soย we’ve called them Treasure Hunts (Thank you Amy!) and you play them in the exact sameย way except instead of saying “A3” or “B7” you make a sentence using the two Genki English themes, e.g. “Baby Mouse is fishing!” or “Is my Grandma in the dining room?”

They work online and offline, do let me know how you get on with them and if you have any requests for other combinations that you need right now, do let me know in the comments!

P.S. ย Ninja Tip: Just add “baby” to any animal to make it into a name so the grammar works fine e.g. Baby Elephant, Baby Bird etc. And yes, I was very tempted to add Baby Yoda in there, if only I had the rights!

P.P.S. ย Plus we have another top secret pdf game in the Facebook Group – enjoy!ย 


Richard Graham

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5 Responses to “๐Ÿ’Ž Treasure Hunt Printable Games!”

  1. Gen Keywood

    Brilliant! Love the simplicity! A proper classic!

  2. Sophie

    This is such a great idea! We could play exactly the rules in an offline class. However I have troubles coming up with how to play online. Perhaps by doing the opposite? Say there are 2 copies on the screen, 1 has lines in it, the other is blank and the goal for the kids is to replicate the first one. Although that doesn’t sound as exciting. How would you play it online so that no one sees the other’s sheet?

  3. Richard Graham

    Hi Sophie,

    For this one you just have them print it out at home. Of if they are tech savvy they can bring up the pdf on their screen and annotate their “treasure” or “battleships” I do this with iPads and the kids use the built in annotate tool!

  4. Marisa

    A great idea. Everything I tried works fantastic.

  5. mallory

    Hi, I love these. What we do online is students vs teacher. I have the hidden treasure and as a class they try to find it. There is always lots of talking in this game. I would love to see more versions or have access to a template and pdf of different lessons that way we can DIY treasure hunt. For example, Do you have any pets? A version where they have to practice with the other pronouns. Do we have a gorilla? Does she have a hamster? As well, an additional row above the top so we can put in a cross, tick or question mark to push the students even more. They would then have to make a negative , affirmative or interrogative sentence. In class I usually just write it over the top of the pics on the board but for an online version it would look more tidy if it was included. More lessons like, How old are you? ( they can use more pronouns, how old is she? or family, how old is the mom? or How old is your/her mom? ) Where are you going lesson as well as excuse me, are you ….?

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