If you want to see the future, and all the amazing things it brings, I’d definitely recommend Inc magazine.    ( I get the iPad edition each month and it is a fantastic antidote to the so called “news” sites like CNN or BBC!)

And as education is such a huge part of the future,  you also end up learning quite a few tricks and tips.

This month has a great article on how you can boost creativity using improv.

One of the games they preview is the “Yes, and  …..”  game

1.  Two people come to the front.

2.  One of them says a statement.

3.  The other person has to respond with a “but ….”  statement.

4.  See how long the conversion continues for.  (Not long!)

5.  Now try it again, but this time each person adds a “Yes and ….” plus a statement.

6.  Now see how much, much longer the conversation goes on for!

Businesses use it to show how positive reinforcement leads to more and more creative ideas.

And of course we can use it to show a great communication skill!

Ninja Tip:  They also mention Ed Catmull (of “Toy Story” and “Frozen” fame) and his new book Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration.   I’m reading it at the moment and it looks really good, especially if you are planning your own school!

100,000 students & 300 Schools in 7 years?  

And the other teaching related article this month is about Bridge International Academies and their plans to teach 100,000 students in the developing world.  

Again a fantastic read, and another reminder that we can all do even more than we think we can!

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  1. Jayne

    Thanks ever so much for the details about this magazine and book.The article that you gave the link to was very interesting.
    I think I will be treating myself to this book….
    Thanks again.

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