I just put a shout out over on the forum for some “zero preparation” games for our Chinese schools.Β Β  Within a few minutes I had some fantastic responses!Β  Here’s the full list, and here are a few examples:

For theΒ  How many? theme:

Mind reading game

1. Teacher makes a number with their fingers behind their back.
2. The teacher says β€œHow many fingers?”
3. The kids all shout out English answers.
4. The teacher shows the fingers
5. See who got it correct!

Do it a few times, then the kids split into pairs.

1. One child makes a number with their fingers behind their back.
2. He/ she says β€œHow many fingers?”
3. The other child guesses.
4. If they guess correct they swap roles.

Continue for 10 minutes or so, then the tournament!

1. The teacher chooses one pair of students.
2. One child has their back to the wall.
3. The other child has their back to the class.
4. This child makes a number with their fingers behind their back. All the other children can see except for the child with his/her back to the wall.
5. Everyone in the class shouts out β€œHow many fingers?”
6. The child with their back to the wall guesses a number.
7. If he/she is correct this pair gets one point and get another go.
8. When they get it wrong, the next pair comes to the front and repeat from step 2.
9. See who has the most points at the end!

And for I can do it!

I can do it Game
1. Everyone stands up.
2. Teacher chooses one instrument.
3. The teacher says β€œI can play the …” plus this instrument and does the gesture. E.g. I can play the guitar.
4. The kids repeat.
5. But… if the teacher does the wrong gesture e.g. they say β€œI can play the guitar” but pretend to play the piano the kids have to be silent!
6. If anyone repeats when they should be silent they are out and have to sit down!
7. Keep going till only one person is left.Β  Then try the game again, but this time the teacher says β€œCan you play the….?” and the kids have to answer with β€œYes, I can play the….?”

I can do it Game 2.
1. Teacher faces away from the kids.
2. The kids all choose one instrument and mime it silently.
3. Everyone shouts out β€œCan you do it?”
4. The teacher says β€œYes, I can play the …” then spins round, shouting out one instrument and doing the
5. If anyone has the same instrument as the teacher they win!

Although if you can print picture cards then the I want to make you a star! Game is the best for that theme!

Thanks everyone, you just saved me a lot of time and let our translators work on them today rather than on their day off!

P.S.Β  These games are now in the updated Lesson Plans Book: https://genkienglish.net/clipart/lessonplansbook.pdf

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  1. Joe

    Hello! Thanks for the quick no-prep games! I tried the “I can play…” game with a special needs class today. They were really sharp and never, ever moved when I did the wrong gesture! So no one was ever out and I had to make them all the winners! πŸ™‚ I will try it with other classes and see how it goes! Thanks again for the great website!

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