Are all your September classes full yet?

UPDATE: Β  The course enrollment has now closed (congrats to everyone who got in!) but you can still find out more tips & tricks to get more students on the free pages hereΒ or with the “Get more students” bonus course in the Teachers set!



It’s nearly the end of the holidays! I hope you had a great time πŸ– and I hope you’ve got all your classes full for September.

But if not we’ve got some last minute help…. 🀚

First of all I’ve opened up the premium β€œGet more students” course till August 31st. πŸ’°

Usually it takes 6 weeks to work through all the course modules but if you really push it you can do each module in day -just be sure to act on the information in the videos to get the results ( & email me as you finish each day to get the next links)!

This is the best, premium course for most English teachers & school owners and should pay for itself straight away.


Find out more about the premium course here ✨ – Update: Enrollment has now closed!


Or if you’re not expecting (or wanting) to earn over $1,000 this September then there is the mini “get more students” course which is included free with the Teachers set. 🎁 (VIP Members can find it at the top of the site in the VIP menu!)



Or if you’re really, really at the beginning and haven’t earned your first $100 teaching English yet, there’s the no cost text only program here. Obviously you don’t get any of the training videos or support with this one, but if you’ve got more time than money right now, it’s there for you!

So hopefully there’s no more excuses and let’s get all your classes full before September because there are so many students out there looking for amazing teachers just like you!

Be Genki


P.S. And if you’re just looking for great teaching ideas there are lots of those on the Genki English website here. As always email me if you have any questions – I’m here to help!

Richard Graham

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