Phonics “o” Song: I am a robot

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Target English: phonics “o” sound, on & off

Target grade: Kindergarten toΒ Adults
This song is in theΒ Β Teacher’s Set
And in the new curriculum Level.


I wrote this song to illustrate the phonics “o” sound for the Genki Phonics Course
But it also works as a great stand alone class for learning “on” and “off”

How to teach

1. Everyone sings “I am a robot” whilst dancing like a robot.
2. Teacher picks one student.
3. This student starts dancing like a robot on “on”.
4. On “off” he or she freezes!
5. Continue from step 1

Just check out the second guy on the video above!

And here are “on” and “off” A4 flashcards for VIP members


2 Responses to “Phonics “o” Song: I am a robot”

  1. michelle

    My second graders Literally love this song!!!
    If I happen to say “please close the door “…. they add ” and switch on /off the light (even if we don’t need the light on!)
    Well done Richard and thank you,

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