Easter Chocolate Monster

For today I presented the Easter Picture Book and a modified version of the Disaster game. This time the disaster I chose was a “Chocolate Monster”. So, after doing the song and reading the book you…

1. Put post it notes on the back of the picture book cards. Most have numbers, e.g. 5,10,20.25 but two of them have “Disaster” written on them.

2. Put the cards up on the board so the kids can read the story, but not see what’s on the post-it.
3. Spilt the kids into groups. e.g. today we had the Beautiful People vs. the Gorgeous People.
4. The first person from each team reads one of the cards e.g. “Look in the bath. Is it in the bath?”. ( If you’ve done the song first this is easy enough).
5. You look on the back to see if the Chocolate Monster is there.
6. If there’s a number you say “No! It’s not there. But there are some Easter eggs”.
7. You show the post-it note to the child and ask “How many Easter eggs are there?”
8. If the child answers correctly they get that many Easter eggs (points) for their team.
9. But… if the disaster post-it appears it means the Chocolate Monster is there and has eaten all their eggs and that team’s score goes back to zero!
10. Continue till all the cards have gone.

It works a treat and fills out a very nice lesson with the song, picture book and game.

Richard Graham

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