Fruits & Vegetables in Video

Flossy in Austria has posted yet another great project based video, this time for fruit and vegetables!

This project is linked to the Genki English songs for fruit and vegetables. The children had seen the other students at their school have their breakfast and drinks project. They all decided they would like to have a project too. All the children asked at home and made a list of lots of items, most bought 2 or more things. I provided the snacks for the end reward.

We still need to work on “an” and the word “vegetables”, as this is quite a difficult word for many children. Hopefully it gives you an idea of a project you could share with your children.

– Flossy

Richard Graham

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3 Responses to “Fruits & Vegetables in Video”

  1. Margit

    I like this idea a lot. It’s fun and simple. I’ll work on this. Thanks a lot for the idea!

  2. Jane

    I would like to try this in my class.Thank you.

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