๐Ÿ’ŽGEMS – Genki English Mobile Songsย for your Students!

๐Ÿ’ŽGEMS – Genki English Mobile Songs:ย ย This is a special online site where students can pay directly and access all the Genki English songs with no ads on smartphones or tablets as well as computers.ย ย 

The full software in the Homework Program is of course the gold standard both in academic terms and in adding extra income to your school but hopefully the GEMS system will help some of you out!ย 

Be genki,


P.S.ย  Students ofย VIP Genki English Teachers (i.e. teachers who have the Teacher’s Set) ย get 60% off the GEMS price,ย  email me to get your discount code if you don’t have one already ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!