๐Ÿ”ฎ Genki English Grammar Tenses Songs!

The main Genki English course gets your conversation & fluency up to speed. ย  But what if you need also the grammar terms for exams?

Well the way to do it is to repeat the patterns round and round and round until they get firmly stuck in your head.

Plus if you have a catchy hook that really helps too!

So the new Genki English Grammar Tenses songs are the way to do it!

The language is all taken from the Genki Grammar Tenses Book, and so far we have the 4 past & 4 future tenses ready for you! ย Give them a like, share or comment if you’d also like to see the present tense ones too!

Youtube shorts cuts them off at 60 seconds, ย but you can find the full versions on Tik Tok,ย Instagramย & Facebook.

Here’s how to use them:



& you can find all the sentences and more in the accompanying Genki English Tenses eBook:

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