A lot of teachers didn’t want this! The HIGHER level Genki English courses!


A lot of people take a look at Genki English and think it’s only for beginner students.ย  ย ( And even worse, some think it’s only for students inย their country, whereas we have students all over the world!)

I guess that’s fair enough,ย  the Harvard and Oxford University research that was done on Genki English was in primary and secondary schools, and in the EU the main curriculum is only certified up to A1/A2 levels.

But you can of course use all the mindset, motivation & inspiration ideas for all levels and I myself these days seem to be mostly teaching adults!

So over the years I have added in extra intermediate and advanced level courses as “bonuses” into the main Teacher’s Set.

These are the ones that are going away today as part of the Black Friday offer.

The first one was because lots of teachers loved how the main curriculum got their students speaking and the Genki Phonics (which is also included in theย Teacher’s Set)ย ย got them reading confidently, but they wanted something fun for writing too.ย  ย I had always recommended lots of other great programs but the feedback was that they weren’t really suitable for non-native speakers and that they weren’t very Genki ๐Ÿ™‚ย  ย So that’s why I made the Storytelling / Storywriting course, taking all the best ideas from the best writing courses out there but making them laser focussed on non-native speakers and added in lots of Genki fun with all the stories.

It’s also what we used with my own daughter when she was wanting help with her writing at school!

Then as I travelled around the world effectively running several businesses, I was always asked how I do that.ย  And a HUGE part of it is the mindset.ย  ย How to deal with fears & failures, getting on with others and how to communicate etc. etc.ย  ย These are all a core part of the main A1/A2 levelย curriculumย but everyone was asking me for a standalone course that could be taught to any students including teens or adults.ย  ย This became the Teens/Adults Growth Mindset Course.ย  It too was very popular, not least of all with my daughter who helped me film the training videos for it.

And of course as everyone was seeing me travel everywhere and still being able to teach,ย  everyone asked me how to do that too, so that became the How to Teach Online course!

Then as Social Media started to become such an important tool for teachers (word of mouth is always best, social media is the next best) and as I had been lucky enough to get on Youtube at the right time with 40+ million views and millions more views on Tik Tok in the last year,ย  people started to ask me to do presentations on how other English teachers could do that too.ย  ย Most of what you see on “social media marketing” is usually scams,ย  or things that worked a long time ago but don’t work now,ย  so I put together a presentation on how English Teachers can get ahead on social media using the fundamental techniques that have worked on all channels past, present and most probably future.ย  ย The live recordings of this became theย Social Media Mastery for English Teachers course.ย  ย  (In fact the live recordings were done before I had all the Tik Tok success, so you can see how it worked!)

And finally after seeing how my adult students got to read 30 English books in 30 days,ย  plus effortlessly develop a daily journal habit and give such great reviews,ย  I did a special video presentation on how I teach my C1/C2 level adult students.

Soooooo…… phew, that’s a lot!!!

& It turned out to be too much!

Because it put a lot of people off buying the A1/A2 Beginners levelย Teacher’s Setย because they said they didn’t want the bonuses for the intermediate and advanced students!!!

So I reluctantly decided to take them out of theย Teacher’s Setย  offer.

From tomorrow the price will be just the same but you won’t get those 5 extra bonus courses:ย  Storytelling/Storywriting,ย  Growth Mindset,ย  How to teach online, Social Media Mastery and the Advanced level English.

It will still be an amazing deal from tomorrow because you’ll still get access to all the amazing teaching ideas, materials, training and support for the beginner A1/A2 level students but you won’t get any of the higher level material.

If you do want that higher level training though, and want all your students to be super motivated and energetic no matter their English level,ย  then make sure you pick up your Teacher’s Set TODAY before they go away.ย 

I’ve set the closing deadline as 11PM UK time which is Midnight Paris Time and 8AM Tuesday Tokyo Time!ย  ย ( Making it 11PM my time let’s me get to bed a little earlier after switching all the offers off!)

So grab yourย Teacher’s Setย with all the advanced/intermediate courses today if you haven’t already,ย  and if you are already an awesome VIP Member (you become a lifetime VIP Member with theย Teacher’s Setย too)ย  then be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to these courses once they disappear from the main site! Yes, there are installment payments available too.

Let me know if you have any questions & enjoy!

Be genki,


Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!