How to feel a lot more optimistic for the future!

“Politics makes life worse, technology makes life better.”

It is unbelievable the amount of huge, world changing technologies that are coming online in the next few years and even months.

So if you want to feel a whole lot more optimistic for the future, just check out the Tesla Shareholders video for this year. (Start at 23 minutes in)


From how quickly we can now get to sustainable energy (because we need a whole lot less of it), Β to saving 900,000 lives a year in car crashes and avoiding 9 million serious injuries, Β to reducing the amount of cars needed in the world to 1/5 of the current level, without mining tons more cobalt.

And that’s even without the huge revolution from humanoid robots to do all the dirty and dangerous jobs that humans can’t or don’t want to do. Β  And this is just one company!

The question for us is, Β how can we work towards such revolutionary solutions in our industry? Β And which of the other UN sustainability goals can we also work towards?

As they say in the video it takes “excruciatingly hard work” but with the right people & passion it is amazing what technology is doing for us – certainly way more than the politics!

And of course, yes, I am a Tesla shareholder and after seeing this would love to buy more!



Richard Graham

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