How to get your first big classes!

How did I get my first big classes?

Some magical powers or famous parents? 

No.   I did it with my press portfolio. 

And I’m not Prince Harry, so it didn’t start with big national papers.

I’d pop into schools saying “Can I do this cool Genki English thing?” and they’d say “Errr, who are you?” 

So then I just showed them my portfolio of press clippings I had so far.

These weren’t all front page national newspapers to start with.

That would be too hard!  

Instead I went local.  

Local papers were (still are!) always looking for stories of people doing something a little bit different in their area. 

So that’s where I started.  

For me it was that I’d made a CD of songs for learning English – that was a big local story back in the day 🙂

Then I got the next classes & invited more press.

And eventually I got the huge spreads in the national newspapers and on TV.

So take a leaf from Richard Branson’s book,  what local newsworthy thing can you do to get in the local papers to get your name out there?   

And if you need help, we have a full guide on how to do it in the Genki Business course! 

Especially in these days of intense online competition, they’re even more desperate for stories like yours.

Good luck!

Be genki,



Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genki—fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!