I just can’t afford it!

My wife just came downstairs and said “I really want these new flat paint brushes.” 🎨 🖌

So what did I say to her?  “No, they’re far too expensive!”  (I’m from Yorkshire after all) ?

Nope, I said “Fantastic, you know what to do!” 

Now she really doesn’t like it when I say this.   🙂 

But … it is the most freeing way of looking at money.  

Because it means you are completely free to afford whatever you want. 

You think about 

  1. What you want
  2. Why you really want it ( just to make sure it’s worth the effort!)  
  3. Then you ask yourself “what do I have to do to get the money to pay for it?”

Now as an English teacher this is particularly freeing as it means you can afford literally anything. 


Well, yes because you’ve got a skill that is in demand.

You could add one new student.   Or a class.  Or something more.

📚 For example you might want a nice set of new books.  

Cool, so how could you afford that?  

Well, that might mean you need to open up a new class.

So you ask yourself, is it worth the extra effort, the time asking around, etc. etc.?  

If so, fantastic, go for it! 

Or maybe you want something bigger?

🚘 A few weeks ago I had a fantastic message from a Genki English teacher because she’d just used Genki English to buy herself a new car!   (It looked amazing!) 

Now that’s quite a big one, there was quite a lot of work involved in increasing her teaching skills and working on her teaching business.  

But she did it!

And for her it was definitely worth the price & she was really happy. 🙂 

🏘 🏝  Similarly we’ve had teachers buying houses and going on family vacations they could never have imagined before.

Now that’s a full time job, literally,  3 hours a day teaching and maybe 3 hours a day working on your teaching business.   

But is it worth it to get a dream vacation or family home?

If you weren’t an English teacher it’s certainly a lot harder to increase your income like this!

So if you find yourself wanting something new, ask yourself

  1. “What is it I want?”  (and get really clear and detailed!) 
  1. “Why do I want it?”  (So you know if it’s worth the effort)
  1. and then “What do I have to do to get the money?” 

Give it a try, it’s one of the most freeing things you can possibly do and one of the most amazing things about being an English teacher!

Be genki,





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