Just a quick reminder that if you want to get Free Pumpkins for all your students for Halloween then now’s the time to start planting them. It’s a great project to do, highly recommended!

Richard Graham

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4 Responses to “It’s Pumpkin Time”

  1. Julian

    Yep – I’m delighted to report that my giant pumpkin seeds have just begun to poke through the soil. Not quite sure where I’ll be able to fit them in the garden when they start to turn into monsters!

  2. julian

    I’m not sure. Sorry! I don’t even know what type they are.
    I was given four. Three have come up. They’ll need loads of space, but so far are doing well.

  3. Kobe Kid

    Last year my schools put up the money for pumpkins from Foreign Buyers club. A bit expensive but the kids really enjoyed making Jack-o-lanterns. We could only afford one per class. We saved all the seeds but have had only 30% sprout. One of my teachers who is also a farmer said that you have to buy seeds.

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