The first Genki English workshop in Germany!

I always get a little nervous doing a workshop in a new country for the first time. You never know who you’re going to get or what they want to see! But you know what, I needed have worried at all today. They were a really great group of teachers, we had the full day and a nice venue, and in the beginning string game they were asking for more fun games & ideas, which is certainly something I can help with!

So we spent the day basically going through a general Genki English workshop with a nice selection of themes based on comments and feedback to previous games & songs. It’s all very well researching things on the net, or reading up about the latest policies in a country, but it’s great to actually meet the teachers themselves and find out that teaching in Europe isn’t that different from everywhere else, and the Genki English materials seem to fit in just fine. I’m going to have to start promoting things a little more over here, I think!

You can find out what we did in the Germany Workshop here, or there’s a pdf version which has turned out to be a great introduction to Genki English if you want something to pass on to a friend!

So thank you very much to everyone, I had a great day and it was so, so nice to see everyone getting so genki!!

Then in the evening we popped out to Bremen to have a look around. The funny thing was there was no-one around, everyone was in the Cathedral for an American Gospel Tour, which was pretty cool! So some more very nice German food in a great loca

Richard Graham

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