It was probably a bit optimistic hoping to get the new album done for this week! The actual mixes of the songs were done really quickly as most of the tracks hardly needed any changes from what I did in Spain, so the music is all fine. But there is so much new stuff in the software section of the CD that it isn’t quite there yet! It’s amazing when you look at what is involved, with hundreds and hundreds of audio and graphics files to be put together for the final product.

I’m now in Milan airport, heading off to Osaka and presentations in Kyoto tomorrow. As I don’t have the finished CD then it will be a “sneak preview” of several of the songs, without the software. But I have printed out all the picture cards for many of the themes and they are looking well brilliant!! So hopefully just another week or so of hard work and everything will be ready to go!

So I just have to wait to see what culture shock I have going back to Japan. Mind you over here I’ve just been trying to order some stuff in Italian, but a mouthful of Spanish came out. Looks like I’ll have to work more at that as well before I head back to Italy at the end of April!

Richard Graham

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