Spain was good, but it was way colder than expected!! The plan was to sit out on the balcony drinking Sangria whilst doing the new album. In the end it was the coldest winter they’ve had in years with even snow falling!! So that means I am a little behind schedule!

This week I’m back in the UK mixing the final tracks before they get sent off for mastering and I’m also finishing off the “Be Genki” software for CD5. That is coming along well, the food and months graphics look really good and people are going to be very happy when they appear on the site! I’ve got to get that finished quickly though as I have to get all the software proof read ( a very painstaking job) before I head back to Japan next week.

In other news I’ve finally managed to get a decent credit card system in place for Heather Tanaka’s Big Blue Book, so that is now available on the site. I went through it again at the weekend, it is huge and a great buy for $15, so let’s see how that goes. If the whole ebook idea catches on then a Junior High School ebook could be a great idea for the future.

Over on the discussion board, a “Life in Japan” forum has also been set up. Out of the 4,000 people who visit the site everyday only a small percentage are interested in the discussion board, but the spam, trolls and technical problems take up a large percentage of my time, and at many times it would have been far easier to close it down. Luckily two of the members have agreed to help moderate for spam, so hopefully that should keep things going.

Right, back to work!

Richard Graham

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