Margit’s Teacher Training Program is Now Full!

UPDATE:  Enrollment into Margit’s course is now complete.  Welcome to everyone that joined!

If you’re wanting to improve your English Teaching skills then Margit has just re-opened her Master English Teacher course.

Margit came from Germany, started teaching in Japan, has taught thousands of students and now has a waiting list of people desperate to join her classes.  She also has an incredibly strong record of helping not only the strongest but also  her struggling students turn into real rockstars.

She has dealt with parents, with elementary schools, as well as setting up classes in her own home and now shares her experiences with you and shows you the techniques she has developed to overcome all the problems on your journey as a teacher.

It’s all online with video so you can learn at your pace from the chair you’re sitting in right now.

Here’s what you are going to learn! 

Module 1~First Steps

Stree Free Classroom set up, Starting right with Warm ups,  The English vs. Local Language balance with the “L+1” technique

Module 2~ The Teaching!

Classroom routines,  introducing a topic, you can fly! and the “dress up” technique

Module 3 ~ Goals, Expectations & Discipline

Module 4 ~ The Secrets of Amazing Shows!

The why, what, how of putting on amazing events, presentations and shows!

Module 5 ~ Dealing with parents

Getting them to love you as much as the kids do.

Module 6 ~ Video Letters and Live Skype projects

From virtual field trips to Antarctica to how to script live sessions between different countries Margit shows you how to ring the world into your classroom!


Here is what some one of the students form the previous time said:

Plus Bonus: Live Hot Seats

Plus once every two weeks Margit will take a “Hot Seat” where one of the teachers in the group will join her live and get to ask all the questions you have about your own teaching situation.  Plus you’ll be able to join in and see the experiences of all the other teachers in the group.

Bonus Live Q&A  With Margit

You’ll also get the chance to ask Margit questions LIVE on the twice weekly group Q&A session.   Plus you’ll get the recordings of all the previous session included the ones I did with Margit this Summer – there is so much information in there for you!

The Main Deal – the Facebook Community

Plus you’ll also get access to Margit’s inner circle Facebook community. All the videos will be hosted here and you’ll be able to see and share comments from the other teachers in the course as well as be a part of one of the best worldwide teachers groups for making your own connection,  projects and live skype lessons with people from all over the world!


This isn’t a dry theory or academic course,  this is all real practical teaching with lots of examples and real “behind the scenes” video and footage of Margit’s classes and events.  Plus you’ll have access to Margit in the Facebook group to accompany you on this journey.

This is what you’ll get:

  • The 6 Video Modules:
  • Module 1~First Steps
  • Module 2~ The Teaching!
  • Module 3 ~ Goals, Expectations & Discipline
  • Module 4 ~ The Secrets of Amazing Shows!
  • Module 5 ~ Dealing with parents
  • Module 6 ~ Video Letters and Live Skype projects
  • Bonus: Live One on One Hot Seats with Margit and students in the group
  • Bonus Live Q&A With Margit
  • Bonus Archive Q&A Sessions with Margit & the CEO of Genki English Richard Graham
  • The Exclusive Facebook Community

This program is not available elsewhere and you can’t get this kids of hands on training anywhere else.

How much does it cost to access all this exclusive training?

Normally a practical course like this could run to thousands of dollars,  plus you’d have to travel, get visas and hotels and food.

With this course you can do everything from the comfort of your own home, participate at the times of day that are best for you and, if you put in the work,  get even more amazing improvements to your teaching.

So the course is open for enrollment now for just $997.

UPDATE:  Enrollment into Margit’s course is now closed.  Welcome to everyone that joined!


If this got you just one new student the course would pay for itself in no time.   And just imagine if you were a dentist or other business and had to pay for their training – this is a fraction of what other professionals could pay for such an amazing experience.   You are going to love it!


Be genki,


P.S.   Just think what this is going to do to your teaching, knowing you have a superhero group behind you to support you all the way.   Or, just think about what it would be like if you didn’t join and had to figure your own way of dealing with the kids and discipline and parents and all the other stresses that come with teaching.

UPDATE:  Enrollment into Margit’s course is now closed.  Welcome to everyone that joined!


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