New Daily Routines Cards + Lots more mini cards + Online Teaching Tip

I actually love it when I get chance to create new things 🙂   So today I have the mini cards for the Baby Monkey, This is my day  Daily Routines lesson from Vol. 14 which combines daily items with time to give a joint sentence e.g.  I wake up at 9 etc.

Plus a version without any clocks so you can play the pink fish game – the kids run & pick up one of each card and make the sentence – with mini cards ( – Thank you Aya! 🙂 )


Ninja Tip:  Actually this is a recurring theme throughout volume 14 of combining previous lessons together,  e.g. the Musicians of Bremen was designed to combine together  Are you OK?/My … hurts,  Where are you going? I’m going to …  with What do you want to do?/I want to …  plus the new phrase of “Let me help” to make quite an impressive set of language!

I’ve also updated many more mini cards to be compatible with the latest computers including the time lessons,  rooms of the house,  clothes, verbs and many more.

There are lots of game ideas for the mini cards over on the mini cards page.

Teaching Online?

And for those of you teaching online – I seem to be getting more and more of you getting in touch every day which is very cool – then the mini cards make a great “real world” activity to do alongside the screen work.

Ninja Tip:  This works really great because if the kids have the mini cards on the desk in front of them you can see their eyes and facial expressions when they are focussing on the cards.  This really helps bridge the “skype gap” because you can see really clearly what they have mastered, what they just need a little nudge with and what they need a bigger review on.

If you are teaching online and are a VIP member (VIP membership is included with your Teacher’s Set)  I’m quite happy for you to send the mini cards pdf to your student each lesson so they can print and practice during, or after, the lesson.   And if you want them to have the software too you can of course join the Homework Program – the minimum class size doesn’t apply here if you are doing one-on-one so send me an email if you when you want to join.

And here’s a quick tip video I did for you during the summer – from the pool in Tuscany.  Ah, the joys of teaching online 🙂

P.S.  Since I put the video up on my Instagram lots of people have been telling me that I was wrong 🙂  That actually the Homework Program does work great for online students too,  hence why I mentioned it above!

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