Phonics “a b c” Song

The other day I popped into see the ACET teachers at their monthly meeting in Fukuoka. They are a great bunch of people with lots of energy and ideas! One of the ideas they presented was an “ABC” rap, which was really good. What shocked me though was that some teachers in were still teaching beginners “Ay, Bee, See” instead of the phonics “ah, buh, kuh”. These days outside Japan everyone has pretty much succumbed to the power of phonics!

But anyway, I figured it might be a good idea to do a phonics “a b c” song to use instead of the conventional “A B C” song. So I had a mess around today and got quite a nice little demo sorted out. It’s not properly recorded yet, but if you’d like to have a look it’s now on the site. The Genki English “a b c” Phonics Song! Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Richard Graham

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