Report on how other countries do Primary Languages

Lessons from abroadThe UK’s CfBT Education Trust has just published a great (if a little academic) look at how primary school languages are taught in different countries around the world.

A few of the things they look at are:

  • What age/school year to introduce languages
  • Age applicable materials
  • Role of teachers and training
  • Effects on children’s native language
  • Whether to start reading/writing with oral skills or wait till later

Lessons from abroad: International review of primary languages

Nothing too radical or groundbreaking, but pretty good stuff if you’re into this kind of thing.

And sneak peaks at other countries always open your eyes a bit.

Any parts that jump out for you?

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Richard Graham

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3 Responses to “Report on how other countries do Primary Languages”

  1. Margit


    thanks for this.

    A lot to read through and in fact very “academic”.
    Not anything really sticking out, but it is great you shared this. It is always good to have research results to show to teachers and administrators.

  2. Howie Story

    I am Canadian but for 10 years I’ve been living and teaching Grades 4-6 English in rural Thailand. The schools in this part of the world do not have computers, and the families can afford them either.
    But what is affordable are Andoid mart phones.
    Can someone design lessons, songs, material that can be projected from my Android phone on to a wall or screen for me the teacher and then the students can access when home for homework…..a compliment and complete course.
    In Asia where incomes are low this would up the anti tremendous ly.


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