Santa’s Rainbow Reindeer Noses!

You know how Rudolph has a red nose, yeah? Well, did you know the other reindeers have colors of the rainbow noses too?

Well, they don’t 😁. But I thought it would be nice if they did, so I made these for you!

They’re great for using “What’s your name?” Β and differences between “I have a red nose” or “my nose is red” or “his/her nose is red” etc. Β Enjoy!

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Rudolph’s nose is red. Β Dasher’s nose is orange. Β Dancer’s nose is yellow. Β Prancer’s nose is green. Β  Have you seen?
Vixen’s nose is blue. Β Comet’s nose is indigo. Β Cupid’s nose is violet. Β Donner’s nose is silver. Β Blitzen’s nose is gold!


Lesson Plan

As always the Genki English lesson plan is really easy …

  1. Warm up / review
  2. Input with the song above (even better, set it as homework *before* class as part of the “flipped classroom”)
  3. Output with the game

You can use just about any of the Genki English games for the output practice, Β you can find them all on the VIP games menu at the top of the page.

And there are lots of colors specific games on the main colours song page and the “What colour is Christmas?” page too!Β 

Plus there are lots of other Genki Christmas songs on the Genki Christmas page here – Enjoy!

Be genki,





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