New: Cartoon Idioms PDF Posters & Workbook!

Idioms are those crazy phrases which just don’t make any sense. Β To make them easier to learn I’ve been adding a “Genki English Idiom of the Day” cartoon over on Instagram for a while now.

And thanks to everyone’s amazing response these idiom cartoons are now a PDF Posterbook and Workbook!

The pdf poster book has 4 dozen beautiful cartoon idioms blown up to amazing quality A4 size to print and put on your wall…

Yes, there are quite a lot of them ….

Ninja Tip: Β You can also use your printer’s zoom settings to print several on one page i.e. you’ll get an amazing set of mini cards to play classroom or homework games with!

And then 48 pages of funky worksheets with explanations, examples and exercises for each of the idioms!

You’ll also get free upgrades as we add in QR codes to each page for the secret “ear worm” musical reels so you’ll never forget them!

This one has to be the best so far! πŸ‘‡

(There’s also a playlist over on Tik Tok, Β YoutubeΒ & you can find them on Facebook or Instagram. πŸ™‚


The posterbook & workbook are brand new, in one pdf file so we’re launching with a 50% discount offer this month – so it’s only $10 β€Ό Β All ready to print and go!

Or here to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Enjoy! Β & as always, let me know if you have any questions!





Richard Graham

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