Try, try, try again!

Genki English rule number 2: Losing means try again! And it doesn’t half apply in real life as well.. .

Today I was supposed to be filming some segments for the new Genki English TV series. First up the camera battery had mysteriously died so had to be recharged. Then the sound checks showed there was too much wind and the waves were too loud. Then condensation started to form on the tape so we couldn’t record. Then finally there was a thunder storm! Plus I also found out that YouTube is still banned over here so I couldn’t upload the rushes even if I wanted to.

Eventually I did give up, but I’ll try again another day! It’s amazing that whenever I start work on this project things go wrong, it was the same during the filming in London, but I can see it in my head and I know it will work, so I’ll just keep going. After all you never fail until you stop trying!

Richard Graham

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