What are your kids thankful for? Einstein & Da Vinci!

Both Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci credit daily “gratitudes” and appreciation as one of the keys to both their success and happiness. Β  So I’m pretty sure it’s good for us mere mortals too. I know I try to do it every day, especially on the hard days!

Of course in the U.S. they have a whole holiday this week for Thanksgiving. Β  Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

And the Genki English Thanksgiving lesson has been a HUGE success in all the workshops this year from Vietnam to Italy to Moscow. You were all so amazing – Β Thank you, thank you! Β Give the song a try in your class and let’s see what a huge difference it can make to your classes too:

You can find the full lesson plan and all the printable hereΒ  and the song, animation and digital flashcards are in the instant downloadΒ Teacher’s Set.

And then the coolest thing is that you can get the kids to come up with their own list of things they’re thankful for. Β It’s amazing to see the things they pick, things that we would probably have never thought about!

For example here are Margit’s kids:


So let’s find out… what are your kids thankful for?

Richard Graham

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