12 Genki Days of Christmas!

A few years ago a very genki group of teachers including Margit and Roy got together to come up with the idea of a simpler version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Β  Β And finally I’ve got a finished version for you! πŸ™‚

It’s on Facebook right now and also the new Vol. 14 and in the Teacher’s Set.

You sing the song just like the Animals Picture Book,

  1. Split the kids into 11 groups.
  2. Each group gets one day to sing.
  3. Everyone sings “Five Gold Rings” because you know it’s the most awesome line πŸ™‚

Like with the Β Animal soundsΒ Β it is pretty awesome!

Here are the Lyrics:

12 Candy Canes
11 Christmas Turkeys
10 Christmas Candles
9 Christmas Puddings
8 Christmas Stockings
7 Christmas Snowmen
6 Christmas Angels
5 Gold Rings
4 Christmas Presents
3 Christmas Cards
2 Christmas Trees
And a cute little Baby Monkey!

All the vocab is in the previous Β Genki English Christmas songsΒ so it makes this really easy to do.

You can findΒ Candy Cane, Snowman, Tree, Card, Present & Stocking in the Genki Christmas song.

Angels, Candles, & Turkey are in the operaticΒ Let’s decorate the tree song,Β and of course Baby Monkey is everywhere! πŸ™‚


VIP mini cards

12 Genki Days of Christmas minicards

And I just made up some ….

A4 Flashcards for you:

12 Easy Days of Christmas Trees


Picture Book

And here is the Picture Book as a reward for when you are finished!

And there is also the Baby Monkey’s Christmas Presents Easy No Maths Mix Β version too!


Be genki,



Richard Graham

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  1. Fanitsa

    Hi Richard, thank you for putting this up! I will use it right away! I have a group of 9 year olds learning how many are there? there are 5 bla blas…so today we will firstly revise the how many are there? question using these flash cards, and then learn this song. I will also combine it with Where are the Chrsitmas presents, there are 5 Christmas presents under the tree… I will try to make up some worksheets to go with it…

  2. Robin

    Hello Genki Richard πŸ™‚


    I love this song ~ my elementary school kids love it, junior high students and even ‘genki’ business classes have fun, too.

    Print out the flashcards and have a fun class ~


  3. MarΓ­a JesΓΊs Rodis MartΓ­nez


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