World Cup Song “Come on!”

Soccer : Come on! Come on! The World is football crazy and your classroom can be too with the Come on, Come on!” World Cup Soccer song. During the last World Cup my kids were dying to do something soccer like in every lesson – so I wrote it for them.

It is the easiest song you have ever taught (check out the lyrics) and the kids love it!  Certainly this week it has to be in your lessons!

Plus if any of your teachers are confused about the England flag (it’s not the Union Jack!) then have a go at the Where are you from? song. Click on the Union Flag in the software version and there’s a very cool animation of just what all those British flags are !

Plus with South Africa, South Korea and North Korea in the World Cup this year it’s also a great way to teach North, South, East & West.

I’ll have more World Cup Games and tips and tricks throughout the next few weeks, and if you have any yourself, please write them up in the comments below!

Or if you’ve used the Come on, Come on!” World Cup Soccer song then let us know how it went in the comments below!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

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  1. Margit

    I’ve had the coolest week with this song!

    I am a soccer freak , but I think that also people and kids who don’t learn soccer can learn so much during soccer World Cup time.
    So first:
    I wrote mails to all the parents and told them to put up a globe or if they don’t have one a map NEXT TO the TV, and to take the chance to learn with their kids in a very natural and exciting situation about countries, flags capital cities…
    The kids I told to check the Newspaper’s front page every day and look for the country written about.


    In my lessons this week I told the kids that we are going to send our energy to SA to motivate the people there + take part in the world cup. I put in the song from CD7, and though it’s been a year since we’ve done this song, right away every body was into the gestures and singing with the loudest voice . It was sooooo great!

    I started the “Where are you from” song with the class that I hadn’t covered this topic yet. They are still 8, so usually I would have waited a bit longer, but I think prior to age the timing of teaching a topic is important to have them interested.
    First I asked them who likes soccer, only two out of four actually raised their hand.
    Then I introduced the song, and they were so eager to learn about the map, the flags… The song of course has such a good melody, that they remembered much faster than I thought and after 30 minutes they all remembered :
    where are you from+ the eight countries names.

    It’s such a pity it’s always 4 years in between world cups. This is the greatest time for me as a teacher.

    Highly recommended!!!

  2. Margit

    One more thing:

    I just had an idea for this to use for reviewing anything:

    put the kids in a row (from left to right) the teacher faces them.
    give the first kids in the row a ball (a light one might be good)
    decide some space behind yourself as the goal.

    Now ask a question to that first kid.
    (Anything is fine like “What’s your name? Where are you from?….”

    If it wants to try to answer, it says “I can kick” and kicks the ball to you. Then answers the question.
    If the answer is correct you throw the ball back say that it’s correct and:
    “You can score”
    Every body else at this point would shout “Come on come on”

    The kid shoots again this time not to you directly but into the goal. ( I would let all shoots go through here so they can score)

    If the kid doesn’t want to try the answer it says, “I can pass” and passes to ball to the next kid.

    If you have space to play this outside that would be great too, as the kids have to speak with really loud voice then.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t try this game yet myself.
    So I’m not sure if my explanation is easy to understand.

  3. Margit


    where is the ranking click for the blog?
    I don’t want to click the 良いねbecause it enters face book and I have to log in. Doesn’t the other one exist anymore?

  4. kobekid

    The soccer song is a favorite! It’s so easy to teach and the students know most the vocab before they start. My favortie activity to go with this is the World Cup janken cards, which feature a WC participant countries flag on one side and either rock, paper or scissors on the other.

    this is an excellent activity for older grades, especially 5th and 6th graders. This activity was put together for the 2006 WC, Richard is there any chance of having this updated with a 2010 version of the flags?

    What I did was have a really good class of mine make up the cards, enough for all the students to play the game in pairs. We then laminated the cards and formed pairs. The students would then spread out the cards between them and start. The first student would put their index finger on a flag and say, “I’m from England.” They would keep their finger on the card while the other student puts their finger on a card and says “I’m from France.” The students then simultaneuosly say “One, two, three!” and turn over their cards. Winner gets both cards, a tie each get one card (same as 1st round of the WC). Play continues until all cards are gone. I usually let the students play one or two games and then say “Stop!”. At that point the students gather the cards and put a rubber band around them, and everyone changes partners. If you’re in a classroom you can arrange all the desks to face each other and let the students find a new opponent, while leaving the cards on the desk. Always teach “Where are you from?” first, so the students will learn the flags of those 8 countries in the song. From there I found it easy to teach the flags from other countries. You’ll be surprised at how many of the flags students know, with some boys knowing all of them.
    Very popular activity and well worth your time to make up many sets of cards.

  5. richard

    Hi Margit,
    I’m trying to figure out the best button to put on there. The blogmura didn’t seem to be working very well, thanks for letting me know about the Facebook one though. I’ll still keep experimenting for the moment!

  6. Roy Melling

    A great song and wonderful ideas for this time of year. World Cup fever is in the air!

  7. Amri

    I didn’t even think about doing my lessons about the world cup. But now I’m wondering why, since it is really a great topic!! I already have a lot of ideas for my lesson on wednesday and really looking forward to it! Thanks a million for the ideas 🙂

  8. Carol

    Great ideas!!

    I did this song this morning with my 2 classes of 1st graders. I first asked them who is following the World Cup and of course most of them raised their hands.

    I them asked: Can you use your hands? NO (chance to remind them of hands)
    Can you use your head? YES (remind them of head)
    Can you use your feet? YES (remind them of foot and feet)

    Then I asked what they do with the foot to make the ball move:
    You KICK the ball (done with lots of big gestures, I had an imaginary ball))…. etc

    Since the song uses the terms in order of action, they all did the gestures in order. I called three students to the front of the class at a time, the clas are the spectators.

    Class says: KICK (then the first person kicks)
    Class says: PASS (everyone makse rolling motion with hands)
    Class says: SHOOT (the second person does a big shoot to the thrid who is guardian in front of the board)
    Class says: SAVE (the guardian catches the imaginary ball)

    We did this for 10 min. changing students each time. THEY LOVED THIS!!! Lots of repetition. Then I introduced the 4 remaining terms. Gestures and repeat. Again I said the guardian has the ball, he catches it when he saves, then he throws, another player hits it with his head and then you score)

    I ended with the song which they adored of course. (BTW, I only have 30 min with them and couldn’t print any cards today because the photocopier had no ink!)

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