Zoom Powerpoint Games for Teaching English

UPDATE:  I just added in the themes from Adventure Level 1 and Brainy Level 2 + the Banana Tree Game!

Over on the VIP Forum, Chatt asked for some Powerpoints of the Genki English vocab items that she could easily edit and play more zoom games with.

Always happy to help, and hear great requests like this one,  I made up the first 7 lessons ( plus Valentine’s) for you.

➡️ Download Genki English VIP Vocab Powerpoints

➡️ Download Genki English VIP Mac Keynote

(As always, these are for awesome Genki English VIP Members and you get lifetime VIP access when you buy your Teacher’s Set!

What do you think?   Are they useful for you?  Any changes you’d like making?  Or more levels doing?

Do let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Some of the games you can play with them:

🖌 Zoom Karuta

1. Everyone shouts out today’s question.  ( They’ll be on mute so make sure the passion and body language are there!)

2. Randomly unmute someone.

3. That person has to answer today’s question.

4. The other kids have to reach and draw a circle round the answer they said!  (Or say “Sorry?” with a gesture if they can’t hear!)

5. Quickest person gets to answer in the next round!

As with other offline games, getting the rhythm right here is the key.   Too fast and they’ll be tempted to speak in small voices or partial sentences.   Too slow and they’ll be bored to death!  So keep speeding it up but all the while making sure they are speaking strongly, confidently & in the full sentences!  And of course smile and have fun 🙂

Ninja Tip: You can also do this with the “Words 2” section of the regular Teacher’s Set software! 


🔎 What’s missing?

1. Everyone shouts out today’s question.

2. You say “Let me think ….” at which point they all close their eyes.

3. You delete one of the answers on the board!

4. You say “aha”  at which point they all open their eyes.

5. The first person to answer with the phrase that is missing wins!

See “Zoom Karuta” above for the rythmn and tempo!


😃 Find Smiley / Wipeout / Chocolate Monster

1. Before the lesson write either a number or put smileys behind the cards.

2. Behind one of the cards you can put either a “snowstorm” or a “chocolate monster” if you like.

3.  Everyone shouts out today’s question.

4.  Unmute one child and they answer with one of the answers on the screen.

5. Look behind the card and their team gets that number of points!  (Build the tension as you look behind!)

6. However if there is a Chocolate Monster or Wipeout they lose all their points and go back to zero!! 🙂


P.S.  This is a great one to play with several topics that use the same grammar e.g. I like with foods or sports etc.

The Secret Warm Ups?

Might these also help with your secret warm ups? 

Do share your results in the 5 Minute Secret Warm Up Challenge in the VIP Forum to see if they go even faster!



Other Online Games for Teaching English

All the other recommend games for each lesson in the curriculum also now work great online.

And to link together several themes into longer lessons, check out the Treasure Hunt Game 

Or the other  top secret pdf game in the VIP Facebook Group – enjoy! 

Be genki,



Richard Graham

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4 Responses to “Zoom Powerpoint Games for Teaching English”

  1. mallory mackinnon ojeda

    Hello, I love this!! This is exactly what I was needing. I was losing so much time trying to find and make the images to use in games for the online classes. Super exciting!! Would be amazing to have some more soon. Thanks so much

  2. mallory

    Hi, if at all possible, the lessons of the family( is there an aunt/uncle/cousin option ?) Do you have any pets? Fruit market, Do you like…? of food and animals. Rooms, Where is Mr. Monkey (dragon version of course). These are really great for combining with the pronouns and with each other in many of the games for online. Especially the treasure hunt game, island hop, snakes and ladders.
    Beyond these great lesson the Can you… ? section would be really helpful. That way we can combine, mix and match with pronouns, family, animals, review all the can you… lessons at once. ( can you of the soccer actions, instruments, languages of course the superhero actions which are already done)
    Note: on my pdf. the superhero actions have an error, climb is duplicated while swim is missing.

    Hope some of these suggestions will be helpful

  3. Amy Howerzyl

    THANK YOU!! These are so helpful. This has just made my prep time much shorter!

    I also, like Mallory, would love the Can you..? lessons to be made into ppt.

    I´m looking forward to changing up our warmups tomorrow with this too! Thanks again!

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