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Want your kids to remember their English better? Use songs! We now have songs ONLINE in MP3 format!! Do your lesson, play the game, sing the song, remember the English!!!
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Songs Page

Where are you from?
Game and Song!
Target grade:4-6
Target English: Where? and Country Names
The "How are you?" Song
Target Grade:1-6
Target English: "How are you?" and replies

Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Vocab review!

Fishing Game
Target Grade:3-6
Target English: Vocab review!

Ostrich Game
Target Grade:1-4
Target English: Vocab review!

Ball and Music
English: Any

The Gokiburi Game

Grade: 1-6
English: Any conversation
Password Game
English: Vocab review!

Banana Tree
English: Anything!

Grand Prix
English: Any
Ski Game


English: numbers, "How much"
The Hammer Game!
Target Grade: 1-6
Target English: Vocab
String Game
Target Grade:2-6
English: Vocab review!

Body Building Game
Target Grade: 1-6
Target English: Body Parts
English: Vocab review!
Syllable Game
Target Grade:3-6
English: Curing Katakana accents!
Criss Cross
English: conversation, vocab

Kanji Making Game
Target Grade:2-6
English:Days of the week

Telephone Game
English : Any Conversation,
"My name is ...." "How are you" etc.
Do You have....?
English: "Do you have a.....?",
"No I'm sorry", "Yes here you are"
English: Vocab review!

What do you like? Bingo
English: "What do you like?",
"I like......"

Drawing Game
English: Vocab review!
Ladders Game
English: Vocab, listening skills!
Warm Up Game
Grade: 1-5
English: Greetings, Verbs
Mr Bump Game!
Target Grade: 3-6
Target English: Left, right etc.
Last Person Standing
English: Anything!
What Time is
it Mr Wolf?
English: "What time is it?"
An English Book Leapfrog Game !
Vocab Practice

Christmas Activities!
Star Wars:
Lightsaber Battle!

Target Grade: 3-6
Target English: Left, right, forward, back etc.
Monster Drawing Game
Grades: 1-4
English: Colours, Body Parts, Numbers

= Also suitable for Junior High!!
(simply change the Target English to whatever you're currently studying!)

These games too easy? Too difficult? Remember, every class is different, change the games to suit your situation!

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February/ March 2000 Newsletter!
January/February 2000 Newsletter!

In addition, my previous Elementary School List and Junior High School list as well as Michael Pulling's Ideas are still available!

I'm still designing this page and I'll add new stuff when I invent or hear about it (I'm going to try and add at least one activity every month!). So please if you have any comments, particularly about layout or clarity of explanations, then please email me at richard.j.graham@iname.com Thanks!

All these games have been used in my own Elementary School lessons, and they have been collected from many sources over the last couple of years. Thanks to everyone who's helped me and if you actually invented one of these games then get in touch with me and I'll give you the credit!!.


If you have any other game or lesson plans for Elementary Schools then please Email them to me ( richard.j.graham@iname.com ) I wanna make this site a real reference tool for everyone to use!!!! The next update will be in mid February - check it out for 2 new game ideas!!

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