😎 Genki Cool Santa Verbs, Minicards, Song & Lesson Plan!

And now Part 2!!!

(I put these ones on Youtube as they’re aimed at adult/teen students, for the Β Kids Genki songs check them out here πŸ™‚ )Β 

VIP Members ( i.e. those amazing teachers who have the Genki English Teacher’s Set Superpack!) check out the VIP flashcards, mini cards and worksheets below:

I spent all day getting dressed up and modeling these for you* πŸ˜‰ Β  What do you think?

(* just joking, they’re Genki A.I. images :))Β 

VIP*s can get the mini cards printable pdf here!

And the Part 1 A4 Flashcards here:

And Part 2 are here.

Or if you’re a VIP teaching online or in class with a projector & want them on one page ….. Β  Β (or just have a crazy huge ink budget for worksheets πŸ™‚ ) Β ….


Β (*If you’re not a VIP yet, grab your Teacher’s SetΒ then pop back here to download the pdfs!)Β 

A.I. Lesson Plan

As A.I. (artificial intelligence) Β is such a big deal right now & as this song is aimed at teen / adult students then it can also be a fantastic chance to teach some A.I. skills along with your Genki English. Β If they’ve not seen how A.I. can make images before, Β your students will love you for showing them this – especially if they could use them for work!

  1. Go through the song / picture cards above.
  2. Get your students to brainstorm what 8 things they would like to do if they were Genki Santa.
  3. Get them to use A.I. Β to make an image* for each one as homework.
  4. They present their own Genki Santa, Β with A.I. pictures, in the next class!

*I talk about the A.I. systems I use in the Genki Business course, Β but one free alternative is the online Canva platform!

Let me know your requests for the future or any additional Genki lessons Β you’d like!Β 

Be genki,





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