Does she have to …. Yes she can.

Here’s another video from Margit to illustrate making long sentences with the Advanced Hip Hop Genki English.

This one is for the I have to …. I can lesson.

1. Make two groups:
2. Group A asks about the boy doll (left hand side)
3. Group B asks about the girl doll (right hand side)

4. Group A chooses a card and asks “Does he have to (+ whichever card they choose).”

5. Β Group BΒ opens that card. If there is a “Yes” underneath they answer: “Yes he has to…” and Group A’s Β doll goes one step up.

6. If it’s a “no” card, they Β answer “No, he doesn’t have to…” and Group A’s doll has to go down one step.

7. Β Take it in turns until…

8. If one doll gets to the top they win!

As you can see it’s pretty cool for getting the kids to think about longer sentences and getting the grammar right, whilst keeping it fun with a game. Β Plus it’s also good to see Margit pulling back more and giving the kids time to think and correct on their own!

If you want to set the Advanced Songs for homework, the easiest way is with the new URL!

What do you think?

P.S. Β I’ve just done a calendar for my learn Japanese site, Β thought you might like it too!


Richard Graham

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3 Responses to “Does she have to …. Yes she can.”

  1. Julia

    Hi Margit!

    I have to admit, you and your students work very hard to reach your goals. It’s not so easy to motivate kids on a hard work. But you do it!

    It’s a good example for me. Even not everything goes the way I want, I should always remember: “Try again!”

    Thank you!

  2. Barbara

    Richard, I just can not open these videos.Tried everything. Maybe where I am located, lots of blocks. Not sure but I really want to watch some of these.

  3. richard

    Hi Barbara, Yeah it’s China that blocks all access to Youtube. I too always find it really frustrating when I’m over there. The best thing would be to ask a few people how they get around it!

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