🥰 🧘‍♀️🍕Emoji Story Dice!

If you’re wanting a little extra inspiration to go along with the Genki Storytelling Course,  try out these rather cool 8 sided Emoji Story Dice!

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They’re really easy to use:

  1. Roll the dice
  2. Make a story using the pictures as inspiration!

You can use the Story Mountain idea (from the Storytelling Course) to make it a hit story & act it out for your friends to enjoy!

📝 Or write it out to get some extra creative writing practice!

We had a 13 year old pick out their favorite emojis here but you can of course use your favorites too,  here’s a blank template for you to use!


Be genki,


P.S.  6 or 7 dice is a great number to inspire a great story.   Any less and it’s a bit boring,  any more and it can be a little overwhelming.  So try for 6 or 7 if you can!

P.P.S.  If you want to learn more about teaching creative writing and genki storytelling, check out the Genki English StoryTelling Course which is currently a bonus for VIP members or for anyone who buys the Teacher’s Set today! 


Richard Graham

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