Gestures for “Let’s decorate the Christmas tree” in video

On Friday we had a video for the Gingerbread Man lesson (thank you for all the great comments!) and today we have the gestures to the “Let’s decorate the Christmas tree” song.

Again this is a full on big production that works really well at Christmas.

Check out the video below (or here if you are on email)

Just in case you can’t figure it out from the video, the gestures are:

Angels: Flap your wings.
Candles: Stand next to a partner and put hands above head like a flame
Elves: Get really small.
Turkey: No gesture, wait for the kids to go “eehhh?” (I never introduce this when doing the vocab, I keep it as a surprise during the song!)

Holly: Prick your finger on the spike!
Bells:  The kids’ favourite, move your head around like the hammer in a bell!
Snow: Fingers falling down
Mistletoe: In primary school you can get the girls to chase the boys!

For the chorus we all walk round in a circle decorating a big (imaginary) Christmas tree in the middle ( an idea I stole mercylessy from the Let’s build a gingerbread house theme!)

Pretty cool eh,what do you think?

P.S. Exploding Santa game to go with this song coming soon!

Richard Graham

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One Response to “Gestures for “Let’s decorate the Christmas tree” in video”

  1. Margit

    I made a little play for this for my performance next month.

    I wasn’t prepared that it would be such a cultural lesson as well, so just thought to mention it.
    It started already with
    How about some angels?>>NO thanks.

    Well, kids here don’t know angels as we do, that’s why I wanted them so in a song. So, teach about angels.

    Next candles? NONONONO
    They were so sure here, because there can’t be really candles on a tree!
    I had to show them a German christmas tree with real candles…
    a different cultur, as (except for times with no electricity) Japanese people are very scared of candles and don’t use them in general.

    Of course they don’t know about mistletoe etc. So just be prepared to show some pictures or tell some stories, so they get the cultural aspects.

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