Help Please! Which New Stationery (pens, books etc,) Song?

I’m getting lots of requests for a stationery theme, pens, books, pencils, rulers etc.

There is ย an “Uno style” card game with this vocab, but of course we all need a song too!

So, which phrase do *you* teach with the vocab?

I’m thinking maybe …

Do you have a book? Yes, yes I do.
Do you have a pen? Yes, yes, I do.
Do you have a ruler? Yes, yes I do.
Do you have a pencil? No, No I don’t!

Do you have some glue? Yes, yes, I do.
Do you have some tape? Yes, yes, I do.
Do you have some scissors? Yes, yes, I do.
Do you have some paint? No, no I don’t!

As usual the some/a is tricky, but should be OK here.

It does seem a waste to not have a chorus question though. ย And many teachers don’t like the conversation songs (i.e. “Do you have a book? Yes, yes I do.” instead of “Do you have a book? Do you have a book?”) ย But what do you think?

Any better sentences? “Pass me…”, “May I borrow your …?” “Take out your…?” “I love your…?” ย What phrase do you teach with this vocab?

Answers in the comments please, it would really help!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

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  1. Jaynie

    Dear Richard;
    Having a song on this theme would be another life saver!
    Our students love the Vol 8 ‘Do you like animals?‘I think due to the style of the song.The tempo and question/answer style is a winner.Then again I do love the ‘Where are you going?’ due to the question being repeated at the chorus.But the students always say its too fast the first few times!
    We use:ruler,glue,textbook,eraser,pen,penilcase,
    stapler,scissors.When we teach Do you have a ….?
    Not sure about the paint/tape that you have written above…..I used to use school bag.I would explain that in the U.K. we didnt all have the same bags like they do in Japan.Which would always go down well!
    ‘May I borrow’ is a great sentence too.But I would need them to be used to the ‘Do you have a ….?’ first.Like on Vol.11 with the subjects I taught ‘What’s your favourite subject’ and then ‘We have math on Monday’.I did this over a few weeks and it went smoothly.
    Looking forward to the African animals being made into a song…….
    Thanks for everything.

  2. Liza

    Have you got a book? Yes, Yes I have. Or, No, No I haven’t.

    In a warm up I might use show me your book, or touch your book. Or, Q. Jenny, has Jimmy got a (red, blue) book? A. Yes he has or No, he hasn’t.

    Ps While we’re on the subject of topics ๐Ÿ˜‰ – how about anyone got any ideas for road safety; emergency services – who to call when; spring; autumn; environment, the protection of; and The Post (as in Post Office, Postman etc :-))

  3. Julia

    Hi Richard!

    Kids often forget or loose their things. What about teaching them ask and answer, for example:

    May I have your pen, please?
    Yes, of course, you may!

    Good luck!

  4. Jenny

    I teach trinity examinations and for the first level the students have to know classroom items. However, they also need to learn “it is” and “they are” . They seem to find it difficult and I think a song would help. Using the questions “What is it?” and “What are they?” and responses “It’s a ….” and “They’re ….” would allow the students to learn the grammar without knowing they ar learning it.

  5. Irina

    Hello and thanks for a great job!

    Concerning this topic I like Jenny’s idea with “It’s” and “They’re”. Also, it ‘d be great to use “This is” and “These are”. And the question can be “Whose book is this? – This is my book. or This is Baby Monkey’s book.”

    PS: In all our school books we have the word “rubber”. So, I propose to change the word “tape” to the latter.

  6. Patti

    The “May I borrow your… ?” would be perfect. First it would work with both the countable and uncountable nouns, and second, the verb “to borrow” would be useful for the kids, especially in the classroom setting where they’re always borrowing and lending their materials. Good work!

  7. Anna

    how about this one?

    Where’s your pencil? / 2x
    Peter, please? /2x
    it is on the table / 2x
    here you are / 2x

    using the melody of “bother Peter sleeps too well”


  8. Julie

    rather than – some paint / perhaps- some crayons?

  9. Uli

    Hi thanks for asking.
    I would prefer something like

    I need a pen!where is a pen???
    please give me a pen

    I keep order you keep order we don’t make a mess

    thanks for all your great effort Richard!

  10. Mark

    Do you have? would be more familiar to my
    students than other forms. Also, in answering;
    I have a RED eraser. I have a GREEN ruler.
    Adding colors might be fun… Can’t wait to try this new card game.

  11. May

    The stationery topic goes with “What’s this/ that” sentence pattern in my current textbook.

  12. M Elsy

    Dear Richard,
    Thank you for your great help; teaching is “a festival”
    since you help us.
    I like Julia`s idea:

    Can I have your pencil? yes, of course
    Can I have your book? No, Iยดm sorry…

    Thanks again, you are a real wizard teaching English.

  13. Natalya

    I thought about “Can I have your … (pen)?”
    but then “Have you got a pen?” is also very useful.
    Concerning Do you have…? – you have already some songs with “Do you have”, don’t you?

  14. Melissa

    Hello Richard!
    Teaching School objects is very fun!
    Using in your song the question: Do you have a …..?
    Yes, I do or no I do not. And also it would be familiar to the students.
    I also teach using this questions:
    What is it? It is a book. Is it a book? Yes, it is.
    Is it a ruler? no, it is not. It is a book.
    or What do you have? I have a book.

    I hope it is usefull.

  15. Jolanta

    Hello Richard,

    “this is a pen!
    A what?
    A pen.
    A what?
    A pen.
    Oh, a pen.” and etc.

    I use it like chant with two groups or as a dialog between two pupils

  16. Macha

    Do you have a book? Yes, I want to read!
    Do you have a pen? Yes, I want to write!


    Sorry for the rush!!!

  17. Elsa

    I vote for
    Can you lend me your…?, or
    Take out your ….

    Children sometimes forget things or they lose them, and they usually ask for a pencil or a pair of scissors to the classmates. Also with these lyrics the drama of the song would be very easy.

  18. rohman

    I really like the song “Hello How Are You”, may be you can modify that song for this theme and use the phrase โ€œPass meโ€ฆโ€, โ€œMay I borrow your โ€ฆ?โ€ โ€œTake out yourโ€ฆ?โ€ โ€œI love yourโ€ฆ?โ€

  19. ะ•ะบะฐั‚ะตั€ะธะฝะฐ

    Baby monkey! Go to school!
    Go to school!Go to school!

    (monkey is putting her school things in her school bag)
    Baby monkey pick your pen….

    Baby monkey where is your pen?…..
    ( she shows it is in her bag)

    Baby monkey is home again… (tired monkey)
    baby monkey where is your pen?
    I’ve lost it at school….

  20. sussie

    Hi Richard!
    Great idea (as usual!): I also like the idea of “May/Can I borrow your…” and I would also like to have school bag in there in some way. What about notebook, could that fit in the song somehow?

    Just a curiosity: at school here (Italy) “Do you have some…” is marked as a mistake, the correct sentence must be “Have you got any”….

  21. Darina

    …what about: can I have your pen/pencil… yes, of course – here you are – thank you… at least my kids always ask for somebody elseยดs things… as for things: + rubber and marker… canยดt wait to hear the song…

  22. Silvia Cรกnovas

    Hi Richard,
    I am sure this song will be extremely useful in class. I usually teach ‘Have you got a …?’ instead of ‘Do you have…?’ because it is more common in english teaching books.
    The kind of structure that I teach together with this is ‘Can I have a …, please?’ I normally teach this structure at very low levels so the kids get used to using it during all Primary.

    I love your songs! and I agree you’re a Richard Wizard!

  23. Quyen

    Dear Richard,
    I think we can use (let’s chant)
    We use two puppets (one-ask, one-answer)
    Is your book big?
    Yes it is. Yes it is.
    Is your ruler big?
    No it isn’t. No it isn’t

  24. Nadia

    Hi Richard
    Would be nice to have the verbs as well:
    cut with your scissors
    write with your pen
    draw with your pencil
    open(close) your book
    good luck!

  25. Morattel


    In School, my children learn: “Take your …” or “Give me a/the …” Thanks for all you do.

  26. Lines

    Excuse me, can I have a rubber, please?
    Here you are
    Thank you.
    I like this one( with can) because my pupils always need something ( a pen, a sharpener…) so, if they learn this expression, they are going to use it easily in the classroom to ask for the materials they fogot.

  27. Nena

    Hello Richard,

    I vote for:

    โ€œMay I borrow yourโ€ฆ ?โ€ or “Can I have your …?”

    with the following answers:

    “Sure, here you are”.
    “Yes, of course”
    “Ok, here take it”

    or negative,

    No, I’m sorry.
    No, you can’t.
    No, I need it.

    Can’t wait for the song!
    Great work Richard!

  28. Astrid

    Hi Richard,

    I would go for the “Can I have a / some…?” questions, and maybe there could be a twist at the end when asking for something funny or unexpected ( a candy ? an “A” ? a hug?)
    I’m looking forward to this new song!

  29. Nina

    Hello Richard! I like the words of a new son as they are! I do like conversational songs as they are so practical & easy to go to a real life!
    So my opinion is leave it the way you sent it!

  30. Pam

    Regarding the stationery – I tend to use ‘Have you got-? and short answers Yes I have/No I haven’t. I would also encourage ‘Can I borrow your ____ please?
    Hope this helps.

  31. Laura

    Hi Richard!
    With stationery I usually teach: Whose pen is this? It’s mine etc.
    I hope this will help you.

  32. richard

    Thanks for all your feedback!

    A few graphics, just in case any of you need to use the stationery song ASAP!

  33. Sonja

    I always teach the vocab with prep of place

    Where is your book…On the desk
    Where is your pencil… in the bay
    Where is your pen….Not here


    Do you have a pen? Yes, I do / No I don’t

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