How to get super amazing pronunciation!


One thing I don’t mention enough is that for every word in the Genki English software we record lots and lots and lots of different accents and intonations.

This not only lets the students learn that there is no single β€œone way only” to pronounce each word, but it gets them used to different accents and ways of saying the words right from the start!

(Plus the way we say them makes teaching phonics so much easier later on!)

The Ninja tip is to get the students to repeat round and round and round each word until they can perfectly mimic every single different intonation.

Set that as their homework target! 🎯

That’s how you use the Homework Program to get them super amazing accents!!

Give it a try and do share with us your results!


Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!