First 2 Minutes of Your Awesome Lesson : “How to teach English”

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Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

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  1. sawsan

    Richard Richard Richard. I love you, you’re my genki superhero, and I like your videos in which you show us the amazing ways and methods, I promise to send you my workshop video as soon as possible. And I’d really appreciate if you supply us with such videos. Peace ✌

  2. sawsan

    I wonder if I could save this video to show to my colleagues.

  3. sawsan

    It would be great if you supply us with the pdf. Thanks

  4. Salaamah

    Hi, this was my first year of teaching and just watched your warm up. I’m so excited about my next lot of kids. Can’t wait to try it out. Infact. I’m gonna do it with my class when they falling asleep. Thanks

  5. Maartje

    Hey Richard, your website and videos are awesome! thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge! This ´warmup´, do you repeat it every class? I suppose young children enjoy to do it every class, but teenagers and adults may not…?
    I was just thinking that it would be really great if you could offer a certified online Genki teaching course one day!

  6. Katya

    Hi, your training is the best investment I made in my post college education. I could triple my income and enjoy teaching a lot more after attending your seminar. I am still reading and watching every training video! Thank you. Need more. Pdf would be helpfull too.

  7. Samira

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for this free training video! You’re right to underline the importance of eye-contact and body language. Could you please give the link to your TEDx presentation video?

  8. Trevor Lawless

    This stuff really does work. I also recommend, after a couple of practices, getting the kids to do the stand up, sit down etc.. commands. Richard mentioned doing it in small classes, but I also do it with kids from grade 1, in classes of 35. The kids really enjoy it.

  9. gumby

    As always great tips! I completely agree that teachers need to believe in their students. Another piece of advice that stays with me is that when communication breaks down for whatever reason, the teacher is the only one who can initiate a change.

  10. Andrea Mio

    This video is really great and motivating! Should be a MUST for all teachers teaching a foreign language. A pdf would be cool and very appreciated. I am probably one of the older teacher in this comunity but am still entusisastic about learning new stuff concerning teaching techniques. Genki English influenced my teaching in a really positive way and I am a great admirer of Richard and his being so Genki about English teaching:-)

  11. Roberta Boschi

    Hi Richard, great video, as usual. I’d love to have the pdf of the lesson as well.
    I keep on adding new elements and ways of learning English to my students.
    Many thanks

  12. Suha Khader

    Dear Richard,
    Thank you so much for your great, innovative and exciting teaching strategies. I am an EFL teacher in Jordan and I still remember the first time I taught third graders; I was really panic for not being qualified to teach them. I started watching your teaching videos and some of them were about a teaching workshop. I read through many website articles by you . I found teaching kids nice but challenging, too. Teaching kids for me is more fruitful than teaching adults. This year, I am teaching kindergartners, 6th graders, 11th graders and 12th graders. As you see, there is a wide gap between the learners I teach. I actually teach at a secondary school that has only one class for each level or grade, so I have to be a good challenger and teacher. I am a fan of this website and admirer of Richard!

  13. Valery

    I really like your videos and techniques. Looking forward to the next one. This techniques really works, kids like playing and having fun)))
    I really like TPR methods and use them every lesson.
    I’d like to have pdf as well

  14. Marina

    The only thing I wanna say is THANK YOU!!! Your videos are really helpful and I enjoy using your activities.

  15. Elmira

    Hi Richad!
    Thanks for your great idea and fantastic methods
    As my first year of teaching
    I do watch your videos and your methods
    It’s fantastic and very such great fun
    Thanks again .

  16. Luzia

    When I first started I didn’t really know how to make learning a language fun and easy… until I listened to you and everything changed. Learning can be fun. I’m looking foward to the next video.

  17. Harold Wilson Hubert

    Wonderful! Will kick start every class.

  18. Natalia

    Richard, you are a star! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Working on my transformation into a super-genki-teacher!

  19. Lisa

    Great! Thanks! Can’t wait to try it!

  20. Linda Smittle

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and great ideas! I look forward to the discipline video.

  21. Gabriele

    I’m teaching German to a group of 8 first graders in California . They love the stand up,sit down etc a lot. I model it like Simon says , but use German words they learned the week before., like Die Kuh sagt:’ Setz’ dich!’ I try to make my lessons very “crazy” The kids love it and learn a lot. Thanks for your constant energy jolts I get when I open your emails! I need them!!

  22. Kim Dammers

    I will be showing this to my fellow teachers as part of a work-shop I will do. I will encourage them to subscribe.

    I want our school to buy the complete Genki set even though I don’t go along with all the pedagogy, being someone who uses a lot of TPRS. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

  23. Rammy

    Hi Richard,

    Thats indeed awesome, can prove Ice Breaker -)


  24. Shari

    Yes yes! I love the eye contact first thing. SO important. I also have the kids do 3 minutes of fun exercise to get them relaxed, laughing, and get the blood to their brains so they can focus. They love it. (My ELL class is a mix of ages from 7 to 23.)

    In the country where I teach, teachers who have a B Ed are taught that their back on the kids, go to the board, and write the date and the course name. Such a dull start! I’d love to share this video with people here but I’m not sure they would catch the fast English so a pdf would be terrific. Thanks for all your life-filled ideas.

  25. Bee

    I found your website a long time ago and used the games in my English classes. After years (maternity leave) I came back and found a very different website with so many great things to explore. Thanks for your work and for your videos which are an inspiration – not only for English teachers.

  26. Julia

    Hi Richard!
    I never cease to amaze how much you do and above all how much you give just for free!!
    I would highly recommend all the teachers who want to love what they do to watch your videos every day after breakfast to get the inspirational boost from you!!
    What I gained since I’ve met GenkiEnglish is the opportunity to be myself, do what I like and like what I do. Thank you for that!
    The best of luck!

  27. Greta Silberberg

    Hi Richard,
    thanks for sharing these technics with us. I pay much attention to the words I use and try to turn them into constructive and empowering ones instead of ones that let me down. So instead of calling a class with trouble-makers so, I train myself to call it “the class that is giving me the opportunity to learn how to teach rules and manners to the two smart students that challenge me to become a better teacher”.

    I’ll keep in mind that: “there’s no such thing as a bad class or student”. I smile to myself thinking of “The Gruffalo” children book by Julia Donaldson where the mouse says: “there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo” just to find one in front of him in the woods… and now what?! He’s clever enough to find a way both not to be eaten by the monster and being respected and taken seriously by all the animals in the forest.
    PS: I would really appreciate your discipline technics in the next video and pdfs. Thank you!

  28. Rebeca

    Hi Richard! It will great if you send the PDFs that way we can always go back to freshen up the information and in turn put it into practice !!

  29. rosa

    THANK YOU; THANK YOU; THANK YOU…I think I am just falling in love with your methods. I would greatly appreciate to watch the rest of the videos and to have a PDF available. Grazie ancora

  30. Lindsay

    Thank you so much for this teaching course Richard! Already from having watched the first video, I can see it is going to be very valyable. A PDF writeup of the course would be great! The stand up/sit down warmup and games have done wonders too for me in my young student classes. Thank you!

  31. Lisa Brown-Olsen

    I definitely use these techniques and mindset. I love the kids other teachers say are bad. They very often are the most fun to have around.

    Having students say things back until they get it good and load sets a great expectation for my classes that everyone is involved and just sliding by is not what we do.

    I want to share this with my colleagues! I am the one who gets us all inspired and problem solves so it will be nice to share someone else’s voice and vision with them!

  32. lucia

    I love your videos, your energy and especially your teaching tips. I’m really looking forword to watching your next videos…

  33. Angelika

    Hi Richsrd,
    It’s always a pleasure to watch your videps.
    Two weeks ago I syarted a course for adults,total beginners and .I started teaching them with conventional material but for the very first time I’m mixing it with the Genki songs .It is really working well and the people like it.Thanks Richard.

  34. John

    Hi Richard. I particularly liked hearing the rationale behind your technique. Particularly, that we do the “Hello!” loud so that the shy kids also feel able to speak.

  35. Helen

    Thanks for the energy, useful advice and inspiration! Looking forward to workshop in Kiev!

  36. Frances Thiele

    Hi Richard. Your enthusiasm is amazing. I use the stand up sit down with kids, even in the middle of a class when they are getting too rowdy. It always calms them down & the volume control works really well. It’s great to go from a full-on roar to silence is a couple of seconds. I have to admit, I’m a bit shy about doing it with the adults but I have a group of teanagers. I don’t know why I don’t do it with them. I’m going to give it a go!

  37. Marie

    One word Richard – EPIC!
    I love the info you share with us.
    I live in France and their attitude to learning English is not the best. Although, it’s not true that they don’t try – they do try very hard and they don’t realise how many words we share 🙂
    Do you have any plans to introduce Genki to France? I think they’d love it!

  38. Susana

    I just love your activities. Since I met Genki English activities I’ve improved my students motivation to learn on a fluent and happy way.
    Please, do continue.

  39. Richard Graham

    Wow, wow, wow, thank you so much for all the amazing comments. It is so, so nice to see!

    We also had a few questions, so let me try and answer those too before I get to work editing the next video!

    @Marie: This video was actually filmed in France last week! (And Arizona!)

    @Samira: My TEDx isn’t actually online yet!

    @Maartje: You do the same technique in each lesson but you keep adding to the content as you go through your curriculum. If you’re up for it, here’s a ninja level video that takes things further!

  40. Virginia

    I always get an adrenalin peak when I watch you in action – you are fabulous !

    I’m starting a new group of students aged 4 to 6 next Wednesday and will put these tips into action.

    Thank you so much for your support.

  41. Fleur

    Thanks for the free video Richard. I have tried the stand up/ sit down in my classes and it worked! Your enthusiasm and advice keeps me inspired.

  42. Monica schatz

    Dear Richard,
    I teach in Argentina, I use your tecnics and they are really helpful . Thank you very much for the video! I ´m sharing this with my headmaster….

  43. Alsu

    Thank you , Richard! That is really very valuable information!! I’ll use your advices in my lessons!

  44. magda77

    You’re so right. I’ve tried these kinds of warm-ups …..but with children and they worked . I’m going to try with teenagers,too and I’ll come back to share you my experience. See you soon….:)

  45. Marisa

    You are an amazing teacher!!! I’m learning so much with you!!!

  46. Zaliah

    Loved it!!
    I learn a lot !! Survived the first year with sparkling stars using your simple but superhero techniques. Will save this video and the next ones. Thank you!!

  47. Mary Di Pasquo

    Although I have a very small private tuition now, I feel challenged to put into practice what you suggest. I agree that it’s the teacher’s positive attitude what really makes all the difference between a good lesson and a bad one. I like the way you illustrate with your body language what you are trying to transmit to your audience. Thank you for your contribution to teacher training!

  48. Leonardo Dias

    That is absolutely nice. There is something in your personality that makes things always nice: you are out there to surprise everyone. Instead of a noisy entrance, you suggest a silent confident way of doing that. Instead of aloud talk, you suggest just a “hello”! So, you can be sophisticated with simple things. That is what makes your program remarkable.

    Nice to be around.

  49. Salaamah

    Hi, the second video was great but I would have preferred if you gave examples. Like if I wanted an active class how would I archive that? I have very shy learners

  50. Robin LeMare

    Hello Richard ~

    Great video (part 1) of you in France and Arizona ~ cool stuff to get lessons started ~ ~ ~ THANKS


  51. Richard Graham

    @Salamaah: That’s easy, just use Genki English! The shy kids will be superstars in no time. I think in this course I’m tended to focus on the teachers who are maybe moving from regular classes to Genki English and need to figure out how to keep the class under control as they become so active and energetic!

  52. Vilča

    It´s great. I am at home with my kids but sometimes I teach. The problem was that I could´n find the power or energy for my teaching. Your ideas are briliant and I start to be again full of energy that I can do it . Thanks a lot. Vilča

  53. Irene

    It is amazing how I am getting response to my petitions. I asked to find ways to improve my English classes and guess! Richard appeared!! I have watched several of your videos and I always learn something new. Thank you so much, Richard I will be watching all your coming videos.

  54. Ladybug

    Hi Richard. I teach english for many years now. This year I have a class of 27 children. I am trying all the thime that children would be active and the lessons interesting. But it is very difficult to hold their attention. I will try your 2 tehnicks tomorrow. I would like more idea from you.

  55. LG

    So , I’m so happy to meet you in my teaching life . I’m from Ukraine and I’m a teacher and I always try to make my lessons moe interesting. It’s true I haven’t got a lot of free time .But every day I look through your news.They are so useful not only for me but for all my kids.
    You are an amazing and talanted person !Thanks a million for every lesson!!!

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