I’m thirsty drinks & breakfast videos

Flossy has put up some videos using real foods and drinks to make project like lessons using the Genki English songs. Β Here’s the first video for the I’m thirsty lesson.

During a recent lesson the class decided we would have another project. So the children wanted to have a drinks project. Everyone bought in a different drink and we even had some biscuits!!! Β The children all loved the graphics and the song. We used the worksheet (drinks menu ordering), Roger’s wordsearch and the drinks dice. The song is on CD3 from Genki English.Thank you to all the students who made this project possible.

And one for the breakfast lesson:

The students had already learnt the Breakfast song and theme from Genki English. We then decided to have breakfast at school, in the late afternoon!! Lots of fun and I would really recommend this type of project. It took quite a lot of filming and is a bit wobbly in places!!

P.S. Β If you can’t see the Youtube videos above, check out the post online!

Richard Graham

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5 Responses to “I’m thirsty drinks & breakfast videos”

  1. Liza

    Thanks for sharing Flossy. I’ve been asked to do a summer school for a week here in NΓ– and these videos have given me lots of ideas. Thanks very much.

  2. gumby

    Another great video. My students love any mention of food, so what better way than to use drinks and food as a motivation to speak! I bet your students had fun with this ‘project’!

  3. alicia

    I want do this breakfast project for my saturday morning class.
    the best part of this project is that we can enjoy eating it all up too LOL!

  4. Carol

    Great projects and videos Flossy!! The videos really inspire other students when seeing what other kids have done. Looks like they had fun too! Thanks!!

  5. Flossy

    Dear All

    Thanks for the lovely comments. Having the project lessons was lots of fun, but also so educational. One boy said he was so happy as he would be able to order a drink if he visited England!

    I have also posted a Fruit and Vegetable Video on the forum and this was with the other group at the same school. They saw these videos and wanted the chance to have such a lesson!!!

    We are all now having a think over the holidays, for the next project, to fit into the last 6 weeks of this private course!

    I am going back to the UK for the Easter holidays and wish everyone, who has this break, a Happy Holiday!

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