Last Minute Tips for a Smooth Halloween (or Xmas!) Event

Quite a few of you are having Halloween Events this weekend – good luck! Β  I’ve covered the content quite a few timesΒ and here are a few bonus tips from the rather amazing members of the School Owners Coaching Program.

From Margit:

  1. Get an exact schedule for each step and activity.
  2. Keep healthy Β – it’s a weird time of your so take care of yourself, especially your voice!
  3. Give jobs to the older kids – they love it and it gives you the opportunity to be the manager.
  4. Get a photographer – a pro is highly recommend, but a parent is a good second choice.
  5. Enjoy, have fun and relax!

Julia suggested:

  1. Don’t plan too much – keep flexible.
  2. Set a goal for the event – to find something, overcome a challenge etc.
  3. Have fun!

And Mona had the fantastic suggestion to cut out the Haunted House windows into a kind of Halloween Advent calendar!


Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!

Richard Graham

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