As you go through the Genki English curriculum, linking together sentences is one thing to always keep in mind. Β For example there is the and….but song or the pink fish game.

One idea from Yoko last week for older students was using “found” …

1. Give each kid a piece of paper with either “Who?”, “When?”, “What?” or Β “Where?” written on it.

2. Β Each kid writes down something for their particular word e.g. Β Lady Gaga for “who” or “on my birthday” for “when” etc. etc.

3. Then call one kid from each group to the front to make a sentence with “found” i.e.

{When?} + {Who?} + found + {What?} + {Where?}

e.g. Β On Christmas eve Robin Hood found my ipad in an Icelandic volcano.

Well… the kids come up with much, much crazier things than that and everyone has a good laugh!

Richard Graham

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  1. Carol

    This is a neat idea, simple and great fun! I like the practice for using the question words.

    I was thinking it would be neat to have a song with the wh- question words…

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