Hito Doubutsu Game –

Here’s another game from the ACET meeting last week, this time from Riki!

1. Get some adjective cards.

2. Get some animal cards.

3. Get the kids in groups of three.

4. Pick one adjective and one animal card and tell the first three kids to make this animal, together, using their bodies! e.g a long snake or a scary giraffe etc.

It sounds simple but it combines a lot of popular early years activities such as teamwork, physical awareness as well as imagination!

The next ACET meeting is June 13th, Β pop along if you can you’ll get lots of ideas, Β if I’m not in India already I’ll try and be there myself!

Richard Graham

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  1. Liza

    Brilliant timing. I can do this today with my On the Farm topic. Thanks.

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