Tips for Solving the Obesity Problem

Terrie’s Take has an article this week showing how the worldwide obesity problem has well and truly reached even Japan. I can quite sympathise, during the Winter I get seriously fat from sitting down doing computer work all day. Of course in the Summer it all falls off (well most of it), from doing Genki English everyday, especially the intensive “bootcamp” workshops.

It used to be a few years ago that some teachers wouldn’t jump around or use physical actions in English class. They’d raise their nose and say “Oh no, not in my classroom”. Luckily, along with the “Let’s order at McDonalds” type lesson plan, this attitude has pretty much vanished as teachers realise how much of a problem obesity is for kids.

The trick now is to introduce a more active lifestyle across the curriculum. This may mean introducing Nintendo Wiis in PE class (yeah, it’s happening in the States), or the other way round, introducing more active activities in other classes.

If you do find yourself with a class of kids who could do with a bit of exercise, or fancy shedding a few winter pounds yourself, then here are my top 5 Genki English activities, they work for me every year!

1. Good Morning song – do the super jump version!
2. When, When, When – more jumping
3. Rocket Launch
4. Do you like…? Karuta game – just for the kids this one.
5. Gorilla Game

Usually I recommend teachers take a break or just keep an eye on the kids when they are playing a super active game (that’s why I look energetic in workshops when in reality you are doing all the work!), but joining in is fun.

Plus of course all the songs on the site all have gestures and actions. Getting the kids to move around is something that will seriously improve their well being, and take the strain off health services around the world, plus of course on this site they’ll get a big bonus of being able to speak English at the end of it all!

Richard Graham

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