Best games for really small groups?

Quite a few people have written in asking what are the best games for One on One or really small classes.

I’ve written a little on one-one-one here and hereΒ but by far the most popular games for small classes are the mini cards games. Β (In fact I also recommend them to parents when they buy the teachers set to use at home.)

Here are a few suggestions:

Mini Karuta. Just likeΒ big karuta,Β but put the kids in groups and each group spreads the card on a desk.

Β Matching Pairs. Print out two sets for each group. Stick them onto card and play the “Matching Pairs Game” i.e. something like theΒ phonics gamesΒ on the site.

Β Mini Leapfrog Game:

Β TryΒ Mini Island Hopping. The same asΒ big island hopping, but the kids lay the cards out on the desk whilst saying the phrase. See who is the quickest to the far side!

Plus there are a few more on the main minicards pageΒ  and also more non-card games for small groups on the small groups games page.

What are your favourite games for small classes? Β Do share with us in the comments!


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P.S. Β I just added the vol. 13 minicards to the minicards page, Β and I figured you might find them useful here too, enjoy!

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P.P.S. Β There’s also the One Left card game which works great too.

Richard Graham

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  1. Wendy

    The stopwatch game works well with small groups as well.
    You can even practice more with small groups since it takes less time to go around once.

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