Eat! Drink! Dance! Freeze! Game

Ok, something simple to start, a very quick game to play with the Eat! Drink! Dance! lesson.

1. Put the students in pairs.
(I usually have them sat side by side, not in rows like here!)

2. One student says a command to the other student. They both have to do the action and say the word.

3. Repeat back and forth.

4. But if one person says β€œstop!” the opponent has to freeze until you have counted down to zero! If they move during this time you get one point! (I usually get them to be really, really strict, one slight curl of a smile and out! They were too kind here! πŸ™‚ )

5. Repeat from step 2.

Here’s the video

Any words that you have previously done are also great to add, e,g. we’d previously done Left & Right and Superhero so could do β€œfly”, “climb”, “spin”, β€œsit down” etc.

You can also let the kids choose how long to count down for!

Drink! I’m drinking!

The nice thing with this is that you can run it into the What are you doing? song for I’m eating, I’m reading etc.

This time if someone says “Eat!” to you whilst you are already eating, you have to answer “I’m eating!” etc.

This gets pretty complicated, but a great way to learn the present continuous!

What do you think – do let us know in the comments? And don’t the girls today have the most amazing outfits?

Richard Graham

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  1. Carmen Morales

    Greetings from Ecuador.
    Great game, It helps kids to learn by doing. I’m going to put it into practise at my school.

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