For the first time in ages today I’ve had the chance to sit down and work through my “non urgent” email folder. Hopefully I’ll be up to speed with everyone by the end of today!

Some really great ideas have been sent in on the Readers Games page. I’m really impressed as they are nearly all in the “so simple it’s brilliant!” style.

We have…

  • Nigel’s “Christmas Delivery” is great for any review at this time of year, plus he also has the “Fastest Milkman in the West” version ( for those of you who can remember that far back!)
  • Nigel’s also sent in “I want to make you a star!” an amazing “American Idol” style game that fits perfectly with the “I can do it!” theme. Plus he’s also sent in suggestions for how to use it for other themes such as “Let’s build a house” or car making.
  • Jordan Svien sent is this very energetic ( gym only!) “Greetings Double Dash” game. It’s been written up for greetings, but it’s a great way to review several questions at once. Lots of talking!
  • Josh Katz’s “Janken Zombies” would have been great for Halloween, but is cool for doing body parts at any time of year.
  • Ger’s “Crankypants” is written up for small groups of JHS kids. But it’s nice for normal JHS classes as well, and it allows you to practice more complicated grammar points.
  • And Graham Davies’ How are you? Janken is a nice variation on the Weather Clap, Clap or Christmas Ho, Ho, Ho game below.

There’s some real genius in these games and I’m looking forward to trying them out myself. Thank you very much, and please keep them coming!

Richard Graham

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