Good Match – Fruits & Colours

Here’s  Mido Farid’s game for this week ….

Good Match


1. Put fruit flashcards and a series of boxes on the board.

2 In the teacher’s notebook draw the same but fill in each box with a colour.  This is your key. Don’t show the kids.

3. Divide the class into two teams.


1. Choose a player to go first.

2. Ask them to draw a line on the board that connects one picture on the left with one box on the right.  They, of course, don’t yet know whether this will be correct or not. It gets them used to taking risks and guessing.

3. Let’s say the child connects the apple to the third square. You check your KEY and see that the third square is brown.

4. Place a brown flashcard over that square on the board.

5. Ask the student, “Is the apple brown?” Of course it isn’t. Erase the line connecting the apple and the
brown square, and take away the brown flashcard from the square.

6. Call another student up. That student (remembering the 3rd square is brown) connects it with the pineapple. This is a match. Give this player’s team a point.

7. Keep playing until all the pictures on the left have been matched with the squares on the right.


1.      To review any vocabulary.
2.      To help children to see the relationship between vocabulary.

3. Logic skills

Once the kids have got used to this simple version with just colours & fruits, you can make the right squares to be adjectives and use any of the vocab (animals, fruits etc.) from the Guessing Game lesson!

For VIP Members there is also Mido’s Amazing New Book of Games.

We’re currently doing the second version (and maybe even a second volume!) so any comments are much appreciated!

Richard Graham

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6 Responses to “Good Match – Fruits & Colours”

  1. Margit

    THIS is fabulous!!!
    Richard, tit would great to have a template form for this, but I think there is already so much the site would spill over.
    Would it be possible to get the spagetti sheets with blank boxes instead of the animals, and have a link to that?

  2. Margit

    Oh amazing.
    I just noticed how illustrations keep your brain much more occupied than written things.
    Seeing the sheet (top right) looking like a worksheet, I kind of 2overread” that it is played on the board and no sheets of paper are needed; so forget about that request.
    I’ll try this tomorrow.

  3. mido

    hi teacher
    i wanna know what do u think of my first game book
    hope u tell me

  4. Liza

    I’m looking forward to trying this next week. Thanks.

  5. Margit


    I finally found the time to download the book and have a look.

    I’m surprised how many more games than we all know are in this book. It’s amazing and very very helpful.

    My kids all love these games. All games on this site are great, but the special thing about your games is, that they have a story. It’s like playing with an interactive DVD or something. Like the heroes with the balloons, or the adventurers on the island.
    Kids really forget about the english and become “actors” of a scene. That’s great.

    I really like the illustrations you added. There are few that don’t have illustrations and it makes it much more difficult to read and understand.
    I think I’ll print the hole book.
    Thanks a lot.

    And I did use this Fruit and colors game. I also played it with the “good-not bad” topic. Kids liked it a lot again !

  6. mido

    hi Margit
    im really glad that u like my games
    and wait for the 2nd book
    we are doing it now
    hope you like all

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