New Game: Throw in the cards

Here is Mido’s latest game to review whatever you are studying this week!

1. ย Split a pack of playing cards into the four suits, spades, clubs, hearts & diamonds.

2. Put a basket at the front of the class.

3. Put the kids in four groups, name each one after each suit.

4. Give each kid in each group 2 or 3 cards from their suit.

(Ninja Tip: ย For large classes use 2 or even 3 packs of cards)

4. Ask the kids the question you are studying today e.g. just ask ย “When is your birthday?” for a straight question theme, or point to a flashcard and get the kids to say the phrase/question e.g. May I borrow your …..?ย for the other themes.


5. The fastest kid to answer gets to try and throw one of their cards into the basket.

6. Repeat from step 4 until everyone’s cards have gone.

7. Total up how many of each suit are in the basket to find the winner!

Ninja Tip: ย Because we know theย “bad” kids sit at the back, try giving the “good” kids a reward by making everyone throw their card sat down in their seat! ๐Ÿ™‚

The really good thing about this game is that everyone has a go, so although the genki kids will answer first, the shy kids will all get to have a turn too. ย Plus the kids who are maybe weaker at English get a chance to win with the randomness of flying cards!

And remember “The Agreement” everyone always supports everyone else, win or lose!

What do you think? ย Do let us know in the comments!

P.S. ย If you like these games, please do tell your friends, they can sign up to get all the future ones on this page!

Richard Graham

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3 Responses to “New Game: Throw in the cards”

  1. Roger

    I like it, nice and simple, fun and little prep required

  2. Mark Armstrong

    This looks fun. It’ll come in handy when the summer heat starts getting the kids down.

  3. Spencer

    I like the idea, but I would use a basketball hop and ball instead. I would get two sets and get the team teacher involved (or choose a student leader). Make two teams and make sure the students speak English before they throw. Thanks for sharing!

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