New Song: Possessive Pronouns “Whose is it?”

Hi Guys,

As you might have heard I’m in the studio this week, and here’s a brand new song for you! This time it’s for words such as mine, yours, his, hers etc.   As usual VIP Members can download it for free until it becomes a CD.

And here’s a video of the song from last weekend. (Big thanks to Nigel for the video!)

Whose is it? MP3 Download (right click and select “save as”)

You might also have noticed I’m running it from my iPad in the video.  Just as an experiment for this theme, if you have the latest version of iBooks you can download the animated iPadversion here.

As I say the song is still in beta form so any feedback good or bad, things to change or not to change would be much appreciated!  And also any feedback on the iBooks version too, is it worth doing more? Comments please!

Mine, Yours, His, Hers Cops & Robbers Game

Here’s a quick game I used to use with this theme, it works much better when you have more space  to run! 🙂

1. Tell the kids there is a thief about!

2. Accidentally find a bag with the missing thing inside.

3. Keep quiet till someone asks “Whose is it?” (they might say it in their native language, so then just say to them “in English?”)

4. Sing the song whilst mingling around (usually with kids I’d say do the whole song to get more practice in, obviously here everyone is pretty cool with the English!)

5. Stop the music and everyone asks “Whose is it?”

6. Point to someone and say “It’s hers/his/theirs/mine/yours or everybody’s!”

7. That person has to run and grab the object.

8. Everyone else has to try and arrest them before they grab the item!

9. Repeat from step 4, this time the previous thief choses the new thief!


Not too bad, but I’m sure you must have better games for this topic!

If so please share them in the comments! (free mp3 of the song to any non-member who posts a great game!)


Then as luck would have it, the next teacher to present on Sunday was doing the “Everyone Poops” book.

This book is crazy popular, but of course equally hated by some people as being disgusting, and equally loved by others for teaching an important part of biology.

Anyway ….  at the end of the book there are pictures of different animals along with their different “poops.”  And as luck would have it, you could of course use this with this theme!  i.e.

1. Give everyone a card with the animal and its poop.

2. Then in the middle put more cards with just the  poops.

3. Pick one card from the middle and get everyone to ask “Whose is it?”

4. Go round the class with everyone saying “It’s not mine!” until of course, the person who has that card says “It’s mine!” and everyone else says “It’s his/hers!”

I’m sure we all know at least one class where this will send the kids into hysterics!

For more “reserved” classes you could just change the cards to be for any theme or pairs e.g. have animals with different clothing, then just place the clothing cards in the middle and ask “Whose is it?” But of course for those “too cool for school” classes it won’t get the same reaction!

Anyway ….  do let me know what you think of the song and how it works in your classes.  The more feedback I get the easier it is for me to get on with the next set of songs for you!


Be genki,


P.S.  I also just found this “Whose is it?” game!

Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genki—fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!

13 Responses to “New Song: Possessive Pronouns “Whose is it?””

  1. Jaynie

    I really like this song (I think the speed is good)I look forward to the new CD.
    Thank you Nigel for adding the video’s.I love the idea for the “poop” game.I think my students will too!

  2. Jerry

    Great stuff Richard!
    Your songs are getting better and better.
    I’m 49 this June, but I still love dancing around the classroom with the kids.. I’m sure they’re going to love this one..
    We use the “I don’t know” phrase a lot in our classes.
    Part of our lesson warm up is to ask the kids “What’s the weather like?”. Of course, over the winter months, night falls pretty quick… It’s great getting the kids shouting in unison.. “We don’t know. It’s dark Jerry!”

  3. Gudrun

    Cool, cool, cool, Richard! Especially the iPad animated version!!! Thanks! 🙂
    My thoughts on this: for more clarity, I would like to see and hear an object in the question as well, i.e. “Whose bike is this?” or “Whose mobile is this?” etc.
    And, how about a parallel song (same tune) with “Whose bike is this?” “It’s my bike! It’s mine!” etc. to show when to use my and mine.

  4. richard

    @Gudrun: Yeah, I’ll redo the pics when I do the software (at the moment it’s just the regular pronoun pics)

    Any more requests for which object to use in the pictures??

  5. Rinaldo

    Sweet man! Just like the other guys I can’t wait to see the other CD. Even so I couldn’t not say that my student’s all time favorite kind of music is electronic. They like dancing to the beat, so sure thing I liked it but I’d like it better if there was a remix version of this one or something like that. With a nice beat just like the “what’s your favorite subject” or the “1st, 2nd, 3rd” or the most famous song here at our school “I am a robot” That one is really good! And guess why the students here love it so much. The beat! So here is my suggestion and feedback.

    Thanks Richard!

  6. Quyen

    Richard, your lesson is really lovely. I have learned a lot from you. I think my students like yhis song.

  7. Gudrun

    Thanks for considering our input, Richard!
    As to the objects, I would prefer to have things that kids of all ages use, i.e. bike, ball, book, hat, bag, shirt, etc. Mobile would be good for German kids, as in German it’s – unfortunately! – called “Handy” and they think it’s an English word… Therefore, I am trying to teach the word mobile early and often, so they don’t make the same mistake as the rest of the nation. 🙂

  8. Jaynie

    I like Gudrun’s idea,having a parallel song with something like “Whose bike is this?” “It’s my bike” “It’s mine” would be super.
    I agree that adding mobile phone if possible would be great.

  9. manleen

    Thanks, Richard. Very catchy and interesting for my Grade-IV, as they love to learn with music.
    Send me more

  10. Martin

    I think you definitely need to make a Possessive Adjective song (my, your, his, her, their, our) since I often have to teach this theme but the “Whose is it?” song doesn’t fit perfectly.

    I love the animal and poop game…I think I will try it to get the kids going INSANE!!!

  11. Richard

    What example sentences do you use (and which get the best reaction from the kids!) with the my/your/his/her words?

  12. Martin

    Not really sure what sentences to use. I guess I use clothing since the unit before was clothing, but the kids really don’t get into it.

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